Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pregnancy Post: Week 35

Okay, so the bump looks fairly normal from the side. But right now, I think it looks really, really odd from the front. Excuse the blurry picture (it was the only one that I took and I am too tired to go take another):
It's okay to laugh--I did. I think the bump looks weird and bizarre (and Justin says lop-sided) from the front!

  • I'm now 35/35, which means 35 weeks down, 35 days to go. I am really, really, REALLY hoping fewer days though, but trying not to get my hopes up. Justin keeps telling me that I have TOBP syndrome--tired of being pregnant.
  • I do not understand people who nest at this stage of pregnancy. ALL that I want to do is sleep. I have virtually no energy.
  • At this point, baby weighs 5-5.5 pounds. Right now, the Lizard is pretty much just adding on fat, and developing his or her lungs.
  • I have a doctor's appointment this afternoon, so maybe I'll know more then.
  • As previously mentioned, I hope to have the nursery pretty much finished this weekend, so I'm shooting for having pictures up on Monday.
  • I have nothing (other than a Boppy pillow) for nursing. No tanks/ bras/ shirts / creams or what have you. Any suggestions?


  1. I'm glad you gave permission to laugh at the front view of the bump! Can't wait to see pictures of the nursery.

  2. Pretty much ditto Beth Ann on the bump and nursery.

  3. You look great! Baby bumps are funny, no matter how you slice it, though.

    Still, you look good!

  4. You know how when you're pretending to be pregnant as a little kid you stick a basketball under your shirt? Yeah, that was my idea of a baby bump until you and the rest of the blog world got pregnant :). Thanks for showing me the light now, otherwise I'd be in for a rude awakening.

    You do look great, lopsided bump or not. And YESSS, cannot wait for nursery pictures.

  5. Can't wait to see pics! :) And yes, your bump is funny, but its cute! And it's helping develop a precious little one- so its ok!

    I could write a mile long list of recommendations but I will keep it short:

    Nursing Bra: Light Support Soft Cup No Wire nursing bra from Motherhood Maternity. I just got this a month ago and wish I could have started with it. It supports enough that I can wear it in the daytime, and doesn't have wire so its comfortable to sleep in. The light support sleep bras did not work that well for me because I am busty. After 2 months, they started ripping holes and my nursing pads won't stay in. That can create issues!

    As far as clothes, I bought 2 pajama sets from Motherhood right away. I lived in them. The tops were cute enough to wear with other clothes like my yoga pants. I don't recommend A LOT of nursing clothes, because after awhile, I got comfortable enough to nurse in pretty much anything. If you want to email me, I can give you more specifics if you want!

  6. I seriously cannot believe that you are brewing a little person in your uterus. It honestly blows my mind. I don't think I will ever get over it. And as much as periods and cramps and boob soreness and PMS and buying tampons and being pregnant and giving birth and all that stuff can really suck at times, how cool is it that you honestly are CREATING something so amazing--a person?! Seriously, so cool.

  7. I am seriously loving Lisa's comment! Lol!

    I think you look wonderful and beautiful friend! Even if you do have a lop sided belly ;)

  8. You still look great, funny bump or not. ;) Hope you get lots of sleep the next few weeks.

  9. My sister swears by the night-time nursing bras for being around the house & sleeping in. She is 4'11", normally weighs about 95 lbs, and when she was nursing, she was up to an E cup, so they definitely offer support. She usually gets them at motherhood maternity. Hope that helps!!

  10. I can't wait to see the nursery!

    P.S. Check out my latest entry. I left you something! :)

  11. my belly did that too, i think it depended on what position he was in! i wrote a post about it but targets nursing tanks=awesomeness

  12. You'll want a cream to put on after the baby's been nursing. It alleviates a lot of unnecessary irritation. But you'll only need one little tube, a little goes a long way. I think it was called lanolin or something similar?

    Don't forget to buy pads to stuff inside your nursing bra for about the first three months cuz you'll leak.

    And try to break the habit of sleeping in a nursing bra as early as you can stand going without the support. The doctor thinks that's partly to blame for the infection I got when nursing Carolina and their first order was to take off the bra, even the night-time one. It sucked but not as much as a fever and serious pain but having to feed her anyway.

    And get a pump so Justin can get in on helping with feedings and to get rid of some of your milk supply if you end up producing a lot (wasn't my problem personally but some women can make a lot of milk).

  13. You really do look great Mer!

    My suggestions on nursing . . . They should give you lanisol (sp) at the hospital. Don't buy nursing tanks until after your milk comes in, or have a few sizes on hand at home. Even if you guess large . . .it won't be large enough.

  14. I jsut now saw this, but I'll give you my $0.02:

    Lanolin, lanolin, lanolin. And I'm gonna have to disagree with Sara- I went through the one tiny tube the hospital gave me, another big tube I bought at Target, and I still keep another big tube around for when N goes through growth spurts or nurses especially often.

    I wore Target nursing bras for the first 3 months. Yeah, not great quality, but they were comfy and I could wear them during the day under stuff or at night alone. After 3 months, when I was pretty sure this nursing thing was gonna work, Joe took me to Nordstrom and bought me 2 Anita nursing bras (they do have underwire, since my supply is established now) which are AWESOME! I love them, they are pretty and they give plenty of lift- which I had forgotten about with those 3 weeks of tanks! Also, they measured me... yeah... 38F. F as in F-ing ridiculously huge.

    I also got a couple sports-bra-like sleeping bras from Target that I like for hanging around the house and sleeping in.


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