Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blessings in the Small Stuff

-Our Christmas tree is up and decorated! We didn't end up putting one up last year, and it's nice to have one up this year. It makes me smile :)

-We are having dinner with Kaitlin and Jesse tonight! I am so excited to see them both and "introduce" our offspring for the first time!

-Our cat has been extremely cuddly with me lately. She wants to be held all the time and likes to sit on my shoulder. It's nice not to be attacked for once!

-Justin made me THE BEST chicken and cheese quesadillas for dinner last night, and then went out for milk and brought back Blizzards. Sweet hubby!

- At the most, I have 14 days left of work. Which is a blessing and terrifying all at the same time!

What about y'all--what little things are blessings today?


  1. We haven't put up our tree yet, and I don't think we will. We aren't going to be home on Christmas and it just seems like a huge hassle to me. Maybe next year :) How exciting and terrifying about only 14 days left at work!!

  2. I've been craving a blizzard! For real!

  3. Great list! 14 days of work left? You're having a baby in no time, wow! :)

    Today I'm thankful for the beautiful sunshine, going home to a clean house, and H gets home from out of town tomorrow.

  4. 14 days left, that's awesome!

    I just stuffed two large muffins in my face for a "snack". I kind of think of that as a blessing. :)


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