Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Peanut Story

So yesterday, I was at work happily munching away on some trail mix while having some "contractions" (which hereafter shall be known as "tightening of the ute", because last night, I had a series of CONTRACTIONS. And let me tell you...to even call the tightening that I've been previously experiencing "contractions" after feeling the "it-feels-like-my-body-is-being-torn-in-two" CONTRACTIONS, is laughable. Anyway.) when I happened to look down and notice that there was something funky about the peanuts in the trail mix.

Now, I'm not sure that these pictures will do the freakiness justice, but it was almost like the peanuts had little blisters! Look at the left most peanut in the picture below. They ALL had those little bumps! And I'm not gonna lie...it kind of freaked me out. Even though they TASTE like normal peanuts, I'm not sure that I can bring myself to eat the rest of the bag of trail mix. Which is too bad because trail mix is expensive, people!

Or do peanuts typically look like this and I've just never noticed?!


  1. I don't think peanuts typically look like that- unless there was something else in the mix that would make it look like that? Weird. I probably would have stopped eating them too!

  2. Hi Meredith!! I am clicking over from Young House Love. I saw your comment about dry erase paint - I was doing a search on chalboard paint last year and noticed that they actually do make dry erase paint. I think the technology is relatively new, but it is the coolest thing ever!!

    Anyway, check it out. Congrats on the baby!! If you don't mind, I might click back and check in on you guys!!



  3. Had to Google it because it's weird but apparently they're ok. They boil the peanuts to remove the skin and then fry them which causes the nuts to blister. This results in a crunchier peanut. Interesting!

  4. That is weird. It would totally freak me out too. I was thinking it was probably some reaction to heat, and according to Faith's googling action, that's exactly what it is!

    Guess you can finish that bag now. :)

  5. I will ask my hubby tomorrow. He'll definitely know if they're ok.

    Excellent use of "contractions" and CONTRACTIONS, there's really no better form of differentiation :)

  6. I think it's what happened when they were roasted. I'm pretty sure they're fine. Still, I'm weird about surface things like that. Without even a good reason to do so, I probably wouldn't eat them.


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