Friday, December 18, 2009


-It is Friday. I am pretty sure that my bosses are both off today. So, even though our office dress code is "business casual, jeans okay on Fridays", I plan to wear black yoga pants. Hey, they KINDA look dressy...

-I have been up since 3:30am....for no reason at all. I just couldn't sleep.

-I should be working for a canine unit right now. My sense of smell is off the charts--I was sitting in court yesterday, and I could tell *exactly* which parents were still actively using. I could smell the alcohol seeping out of their pores or the marijuana in their hair. No one else seemed to notice.

-I purchased the movie "A Christmas Story" to watch tonight because J has never seen it. And I am pretty sure that he WAS that awkward chubby boy from the movie. In fact, last night when I showed him the DVD case, he said, "Oh my weren't kidding...I had those glasses growing up!"

-Yesterday, I had a conversation with the doctor that went something like this:

Doctor: Well, you're definitely at least 1cm dilated and pretty effaced. And she's pretty much engaged. That's good news. Most first time moms are totally shut up at this point. You're officially on deck!
Me: Well that's good, because I'm officially uncomfortable all the time.
Doctor: No doubt! Well, if there's any day that you really don't want her to come, that will be the day that she comes.
*Justin and I look at each other*
Me: Looks like we're having a Christmas Eve baby
[Every year, my family goes out to one specific fancy restaurant on Christmas Eve. I have been looking forward to this dinner for MONTHS, and keep talking about how with my luck I'll be in labor instead of enjoying the feast]

Doctor: Well, if I had to pick a date for you to deliver, it would be two weeks from today. I always think the 38 week deliveries go the best.
Me: You want us to deliver on New Year's Eve?
Doctor: I didn't even realize that....but bonus for you!


  1. OMG, I can't believe it's getting so close for Lizard to get here!

    Love the comment about Justin being the chubby kid from Christmas Story!

  2. Okay, as a New Year's day baby I am pleading with little Elizabeth to make her life easier and not share her birthday with a holiday. Trust me - it's not as cool as the world thinks. Skip Christmas and New Year's little baby, your birthday's going to be at a hard enough time of year but at least skip having it on an actual holiday.

  3. Too funny Meredith!! Can't wait to 'meet' Lizard :)

  4. My SIL has been 3cm for about a week an a half. "Any time now" they keep saying.

    I hope you get to ear your nice meal. Or at least part of it!

  5. That's cool she's going to be here early!!! I hope you get to enjoy your Christmas Eve dinner.

  6. How has Jason never seen A Christmas Story? I LOVED that movie as a kid and love the all day marathons they have of it on and around Christmas day.

    I would kill to be wearing yoga pants or even jeans at work and I'm not even pregnant.

    A girl in my bunco group went into labor while she was having dinner (no water breaking, just very regular contractions) and continued to eat and didn't tell anyone. She knew it was going to be her "last meal."

    Just think it'll be great for your taxes if the baby comes this year! Plus you can have "unbirthdays" for her in June, it's what my coworker does for her 2 December babies.

  7. Yay! I can't wait for you little one to arrive. I agree with Emily, though. My niece was born on the 23rd and she hates her birthday so close to Christmas. Mine is 15 days after and I don't particularly care for it, but it's better than the 23rd. It will be okay, though!

  8. oh my gosh!! baby coming SO SOON!


  9. You are so close! I'm getting excited!


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