Friday, December 4, 2009

BQOTD: Stress

*****Again, you can still ask Justin or I anything for the next day or so (see below). We don't have many questions to answer so far--surely you guys must be curious about SOMETHING!?

I'm curious how you all handle stress and/or anxiety in your lives? Are their certain things you do after a particularly stressful day?

For me personally, I've found that one thing that helps me not to carry home stress from work is to make sure there's some sort of separation between work and home. I used to absolutely LOVE going to spinning class right after work!

Also, oddly enough, really bad reality TV (think Real World, The Hills, Rock of Love, etc) also helps. The absurdity of it all helps me to get out of my own head for awhile!

But really, those two things help with stress--anxiety is a whole different thing. It hadn't really been bad enough to take serious note of before I was pregnant. Now that I am, it's absolutely out of control, but coincidentally, now's the time that I can't take meds for it. As I've mentioned before, reading Max Lucado and prayer help some, but it really is still a daily battle!


  1. I am a talk about it to 20 different people and get it out of my system and then I feel better type. That and a big huge drink - which doesn't help you much, sorry.

    I've been trying to think of a question.....hmmmmm.....

  2. Actually, I do the same thing as you. Hitting the gym right after work helps me reduce stress and relax before I get home. I also watch way too much trashy tv, but it makes me feel good to do something mindless : ) Shopping is also a big stress reducer for me, but obviously I can't do that every single day!

  3. I've had points in my life where I had really bad anxiety and it took reaffirming to myself every day that I was not in control and that God was....I memorized scripture to repeat to myself over and over again and prayed constantly. Little things that I do to deal with regular stress and anxeity-watch bones every night on tnt :), blog, shop (shhhh don't tell my husband), cook, do things for other people to get my mind off my own troubles, nap/sleep, workout and bake. Keeping myself busy helps to a certain point and then tv takes over when I need to be a mindless zombie for a bit and turn off my brain.

  4. I've noticed two things really help me--and that it is usually a lack of those two things that get me stressed in the first place. Exercise is a big one. Of course most times when you are stressed you just want to crawl into a ball and sleep instead of getting motivated and getting your blood pumping. So then the other solution is to get creative--creating ANYTHING helps me--a letter to a friend, pictures, scrapbook, gifts, knitting for you maybe...the list goes on. I feel that is always helpful because it is so productive when inside you are feeling so stuck. . .

  5. Oh geez! I'm a stressor like you wouldn't believe. I agree with Faith though, I like to talk and get it out and since hubs doesn't, I talk to friends, co-workers, family which upsets him but we are total opposites! I wish working out helped with stress because I'd be super fit and skinny with as much stressing as I do!

    OH! I feel better now knowing that someone else is a reality Vh1/MTV junkie! I thought I was the only blogger with that deep dark secret. LOVE Rock of Love and Real World.

    Another question: What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

  6. It takes a lot piled on at the same time to stress me out - little things, and even big things, one or two at a time don't get to me. But a family feud, new job, lots of travel, being sick and a packed calendar this summer had me at my breaking point. I vented to my mom, made extra trips to the gym - and may have added a glass of wine to my nightly routine. I'm glad I don't get that way often!

  7. I usually call my Mama and vent :) Or chat with the hubby. Before I was preggo a drink in the evening with dinner calmed my nerves... I like to work out when I'm stressed too, but I usually can't find the motivation to do it when I'm already stressed =/

  8. Let's see.

    Drugs. Namely, alcohol and marijuana. This is not particularly healthy, so I don't do it that often. But sometimes, beer is the answer.

    Video games. Nothing like whooping 12-year-olds online (or more likely, being whooped by 12-year-olds online) to get the aggro out.

    Walking and driving. This only really works at night, I find. I'm not sure why. But a walk around the block or a half-hour drive around town with music blasting can be pretty helpful.

    Drawing. Usually comic book characters. Been doing this a lot in the paper-writing process.

    Chilling. Hanging out with other people helps me a ton. Just talking to folks and forgetting the BS in my life for a while is most soothing.

    Oh, and my antidepressants. They help a lot.

    Writing, despite it being my thing, doesn't usually help me in the least when I've got some nice general anxiety going. Usually, it just makes it worse, because I start worrying that my writing is shit and I'll never get published and so on and so forth.

    Animals work really well too. I used to play with my bird, but she's with my parents at the moment, so that doesn't work. But according to Men's Health, pets do more to relieve stress than exercise, significant others, drugs, social activity--pretty much anything known to humanity.

    So... get a dog.

  9. Oh, I talk to myself, too. A lot. Like a crazy man.

  10. I don't generally recommend my way of dealing with stress, but I will share nonetheless. I get very closed off, and I get a mindset where I HAVE to do anything and that no one can help me, because no one can do it as well as I do. On the other side, sometimes I just need a good cry, 5 minutes alone, and a hug from my husband with a reassuring "It's going to be ok". Keeping busy helps as well, because worrying will get you nowhere! :) I am learning to just trust that God will take care of me, and that I may not be able to do it all alone.


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