Sunday, February 21, 2010

Birthday Weekend Photos

Nope, it's not my birthday. But over the weekend, we celebrated both my oldest niece's birthday, and my dad's birthday. Such a great weekend filled with family and fun...and a great opportunity for me to take pictures :) I LOVE taking pictures...such a relaxing thing for me. Here's a few from Payton's birthday:

Payton is such a big girl compared to my little bitty one!
Payton 5th

So is my nephew Logan...
Payton 5th (2)

Payton 5th (4)

Justin's Dad making faces at our Lizard
Payton 5th (8)

Payton 5th (11)

Payton 5th (21)

Justin and Ryan playing Redneck Horseshoes
Payton 5th (18)

Payton 5th (20)

Pictures from my dad's birthday celebration to come...


  1. Love the picture of her blowing out the candles! You really caught her excitement in that one.

  2. How does one play redneck horseshoes? I thought horseshoes would be pretty redneck as it is, involving horse accessories as it does.

    Nice pics.

  3. Did you take the pics? They're beautiful!

  4. The last picture of Lizard is PRICELESS.

  5. Look at Lizzy and the party hat! Haha! Precious. :)

  6. Lizzy is precious! I love all your photos, you have such a great talent!

  7. These are just too cute! glad you had a fun weekend!

  8. Your little ne is soo cute! We call it Redneck golf down here.


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