Monday, February 8, 2010

Letter to Lizzy- One Month

Lizzy Girl,

On Sunday February 7th, 2010, you turned one month old! It was a great day overall--first, my favorite football team (The Saints) won the Superbowl. Second, your Dad and I watched in amazement as you rolled over! I don't think that you rolled over on purpose, and I'm not sure that you would even know how to try to do it again, but it was a pretty incredible to watch. I can't believe how much you're growing and doing already!

You still sleep most of the day at this point, but if you aren't sleeping or eating, you're moving like crazy. In the mornings, I'll turn on The Foo Fighters, Oasis, or Audioslave, and you'll kick your legs and wave your arms like crazy. Sometimes, you'll even yell at the top of your lungs. You're not in pain, you're actually quite happy. I like to think that you're just rocking out to the good music already.



You're also doing a great job lifting up your head and supporting your neck. We're both proud of how strong you are already, and how often you want to try, even though it's hard work. I bet you'll be up and crawling sooner than I can imagine (though hopefully not as soon as your mom), and you have lots of cousins who just can't wait to have you running around with them!



You're also still wearing newborn clothes for the most part. Some of them are now almost too small, while others (like your "Ta-Da!" onesie) are still a little big. Welcome to the world of women's sizing Lizzy girl.


Last week, I ate something that didn't agree with you or me, and we both spent most of the day either in bed, or throwing up. Your stomach hurt just as bad as mine did, and you cried so hard. Only this time when you cried, you had real tears. It broke my heart, and all I could do was hold you and cry right along with you. I always used to hear other moms talk about how when their babies were sick, they would gladly take the sickness and pain if they could. I used to think, "Yeah, that's a nice thing to say..." but I wasn't prepared for how much I would mean that with all my heart until I became a mom. I thought that I understood just how deep the love a mom has for her child is, but really, I had no idea. All that I can say that could even come close is that you're loved beyond measure. Not just by me, but by your Dad, and the rest of your family as well. I try to tell you every single day how much we love you, and how there is nothing at all that could ever make us love you any less. I hope you grow up knowing that with all your heart.


Love forever and for always,



  1. OH MY GOSH. Make a girl cry. Just reading that she is already a month old did me in, but what a beautiful letter and pictures!

  2. Precious! Love this idea...Lizard will love this when she's older. Thanks for sharing with us Mer!

  3. I am with leah! Esp that last part. I know how hard it is too see your baby sick! Brady just got over his first cold,and it was so sad! She is too cute!!!

  4. Awww, excuse me as I wipe away tears!

  5. Too sweet! I can't believe how big she's gotten!

  6. Today I even more grateful than normal that you have a blog. I feel like that letter was also to me--so cool to get to know her. :)

    P.S. I still adore that jungletastic onesie.

  7. A month already!? She is the cutest... seriously. I want one now :)

  8. I'm crying like a baby! How beautiful! You, as a mother! And Lizzie, as a daughter! BEAUTIFUL!

  9. Sweet post. I love doing my son's 'month' posts!

  10. I love that Lizzy listens to Foo Fighters -- and the Saints knew what they were doing when they won on her one-month birthday!!! =D

  11. This brought tears to my eyes--what a beautiful letter!


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