Friday, February 12, 2010

Shop With Me--Old Navy

First of all, I really don't understand this:
Really? Really?! I thought the "Rompers For Adults" trend finally ended two years ago? 

These are even more outrageous: 


Sometimes I just don't understand what's in style these days. {PS-That statement cracks me up because I vividly remember my dad saying that when I was in middle school and wanted to buy some Converses).

On to what I like--where were these last summer while I was pregnant? Though, they may come in handy this summer as well with the nursing business. 

I'm still tempted (again) to order these Gauchos from you since they actually come in Talls. Does anyone have them? Do you like them? 


If you had a $50 Gift Card from Old Navy, what would you buy? 


  1. Those rompers are horrible! Target has some too . . . :( About the gauchos, in style or not, when ever you see someone wear them you're automatically jealous because you know how comfortable they are!

  2. What's up with those rompers..ugh - I've been seeing them more lately. No thanks. I am loving that purple top. I have one of those in black. I like how they are making them longer now.
    As for the gauchos, I have a pair, but, for me, I think it clings to my butt a little too much. :(

  3. yes! i hate these crazy styles that only look good on 1% of the population (ie the super skinny short people!) like rompers and those bubble dress things that were big last year. they always look cute on the hanger but scary on me!

  4. I love gaucho pants! I have 3-4 pairs (not from Old Navy though.) and I LOVE them.
    P.S. those rompers are awful.

  5. I have a couple of those gaucho pants as well and LOVE them. They are the most comfortable thing ever.

    I actually just placed an order at old navy and got me some nursing tops (I just had a baby as well and needed some tops). It is soooo hard to find some nice looking nursing clothes but at least they have a few good looking ones. I think it's a great idea of using the purple shirt as a nursing shirt. I might have to place another order soon ;-)

  6. Wow, those rompers are awful! I have been trying so hard not to do any shopping, but you've sure got me looking now! :-) I'm not sure what I'd send a $50 gift card on because there are so many cute things! I'll have to think about that one. Happy Friday!

  7. I cannot believe anyone would MAKE a romper for adults. You only need a romper if it has snaps on the bottom and your wear a diaper. End of story.

    I just had a $50 gift card to Old Navy, and ordered a pair of yoga capris, a gray layering tank, a purple cable-knit sweater, slub-knit hoodie, coral t-shirt and 3/4 sleeved shirt -- all maternity. They were having some great sales, so I was excited to top off my winter preggo wardrobe and get some good summer staples.

    Oh, and I almost bought their gauchos, but it didn't seem like they'd be best for working out, which is what I was really needing.

  8. I know what you mean about the rompers. Not on my thighs! No one needs to see that!

    I will say this: I was in Old Navy today, and they have a ton of reg. women clothing that can work for pregnant or nursing moms, too. I stocked up; there were lose fitting tops, tons of dresses, and well-coverage tunics, plus skirts and those gauchos that don't make women over 5'5" look like they're wearing teeny minis. I didn't see a romper; I think they save those ridiculous items for the Web site.

  9. Rompers...ugh. Don't get me started. My torso is way too long for stuff like that and let's just say it would probably cause some "fit" problems.

    I caved an bought a pair of gauchos from somewhere and I freaking love those things. They're soooo comfy and give me another option to lounge in and still be able to wear out.

    I bought a great 3/4 sleeve hoodie from there recently. It's super long, has buttons up top (good for bf'ing) and is just all around comfy. It's cotton knit so you can layer it or wear by itself. I've been avoiding their new stuff. I bought a bunch of old stuff when ebates had the 20% off.

  10. Scarves! ON has a ton of cute ones right now.

    And I concur, the romper trend makes me SHUDDER!

  11. You have to have a really tight jiggle free bootie to pull those gauchos off. They stick so close to the butt that you really can't hide much, even though you might be comfortable feeling. I bought them and every so often I take em out just to put them back after I look at myself in the mirror.

  12. Ugh no thanks on the first two! I LOVE GAUCHOS! They are great!!! Cute dress too.

  13. The first two were huge here in Norway last summer. The worst is a lot of the Scandinavians running around here can pull 'em off.

    I LOVE guachos. They are RIDICULOUSLY comfortable and versatile. But can be clingy, that's true...I would go for them though. Even if you feel a bit self conscious in them now you will live in them around the house. I promise.

  14. Boo on the rompers. I wouldn't be caught dead wearing one! Ewww!

    On the other hand, I LOVE gaucho pants!!!

  15. I don't understand the romper thing, either. For some reason, I just think unless you are ridiculously skinny with no curves (and therefore, possibly the size of a child...where rompers are okay), these would look bad, bad, bad. I agree - the pants ones are even worse. :\ Eek.

    Gauchos and comfy tops, on the other hand, are Heaven. :)

  16. I agree - those rompers are fug!

    I would love a pair of gouchos for this summer!


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