Friday, February 19, 2010

The Sweetest Thing (And More)

Justin is not always the most romantic person in the world, but every once in awhile, he'll do something that will just melt my heart. Here's the most recent thing (I think you can click on the picture for full size):


Also, I've already blogged about the quilt that my mom made for Lizzy. But Justin's mom also made one for Lizzy that we just got last Sunday. It's also amazing:


And just because I can:






  1. The quilt is beautiful!! (And so is the baby!)

  2. Too cute!

    And look at Lizzie, learning the importance of color-coordinating at an early age!

  3. I just want to snuggle her! Love the quilt, love the card! Thanks for making this pregnant lady cry today Justin ;)

  4. Oh my goodness, that really is the sweetest thing.

  5. I love her little face!! and its so funny he did that card (not funny...ironic) b/c me and declan were JUST talking about that and how its really important to show the love to your daughters so they know their daddy has their heart--making v-day always special for them and not sad if there is no "boy" around, you know??

    LOVE this :)

  6. How cute!
    Also- awesome quilt. Lizzy looks so much like you!

  7. I love her faces she makes. Adorable! And that card from her dad was so sweet. Love it!

  8. Awwww! I just want to cuddle her up! :)

  9. What a sweet, sweet father! Love the colors in that quilt!!! And her smile is too cute!

  10. Adorable! She is getting so big and that quilt is adorable!! also, that is just so cute that he wrote that card for Lizzie! Definitely something to keep or her scrapbook/baby book!

  11. She looks just like you! I love it. And what a sweet daddy he is! :)

  12. So cute! I love that second to last pic where she has a half grin going on. =)

  13. Hi Meredith, Lizzie is so adorable, I love her new cute. I can not believe she slept from 8:30 to 4am!!! Jillian still has her fussy time around 10:30 to 12:30 so she doesn't go down until around 12:30. She has had a few evenings where she slept until 7am but we have only had a few of those. We haven't had one in a week since we moved her to her crib. I long for those days again!!! I don't think you should feel too guilty. It sounds like she will eat when she wants too!!!!


  14. Aww - how sweet of him!

    Lovin' all the purple! :)


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