Thursday, February 25, 2010

C'mon Get Happy


So, I've been tagged/awarded this award by several different bloggers lately. I apologize in advance if you tagged me and I don't list that you tagged me (can I pull the new mom card on this one?)...I know there are more that I'm not remembering. But, I know that I've been tagged by Lisa at Little to Big, Krystie at One Fabulous Day, and Amy at The Mistress of Oxford

Anyway, the point of the award is to list 10 things that make me happy. Like Lisa, I'm taking things literally, and listing things, rather than people/emotions. 

1. My Canon Rebel XS- For me, taking pictures has always been extremely relaxing. I love capturing those little moments that make you look back and smile. I love that my sweet husband supports this love, and the investment that a dslr camera was. I love that there's always so much to learn about my camera and photography in general.

2. The Ocean- I am a total water girl. Lakes, rivers, pools, you name it. If I could be on the water every day during the summer, I would. That said, my favorite body of water is the ocean. There's just something so calming about standing at the edge of the water and letting the waves wash over your feet. And then as the tide recedes, it almost feels like you're flying, even though your feet are actually sinking deeper and deeper in the sand. Again, it's so relaxing to me. And I haven't been in FAR too long. 

3. Purple Irises- Of all flowers, purple irises hold a special place in my heart. They remind me of my mom's mom, who has since passed away. Plus, I think they're absolutely beautiful. Give me purple irises over roses any day. 

4. Lemon Meringue Pie- My mom makes a lemon meringue pie unlike any other I've ever tasted. The meringue has marshmallow fluff in it, and it is delicious. I used to request it instead of cake every year for my birthday....but I haven't had it in a really long time. I'm always tempted to make it, except that Justin doesn't like lemon meringue, and I would totally eat the whole pie by myself. 

5. Used book stores- I could literally spend an entire day wandering around the used book store, running my fingers over the bindings of the books, pulling random books off the shelf to read the first page or two. In the used book store, I get lost in my own thoughts. 

6.Getting the heart pumping- It's only been recently that I've really realized how happy I am when I'm able to be active. I really used to hate exercising and saw it as a chore that had to be done. Sometimes I still struggle with actually getting my butt off the couch to get moving, but now I can at least recognize how much better I feel when I do get up and get going. 

7. Bones- Justin and I *LOVE* the tv show Bones. Its smart, funny, and sometimes pretty hot. J and I love to curl up on the couch on Thursday nights and watch it together. Well, now sometimes it's Saturday morning or Sunday afternoon...gotta love the DVR. And I also can't wait for the rumored awesomeness that is the 100th episode. 

8. Tall Length Jeans- Oh, how I love a 36 inch inseam. Seriously, I get giddy. That said, I *hate* the fact that I always have to buy them online and consequently pay shipping. It's hard enough to pants shop as a tall girl--cut us a break! 

9. Wakeboarding- It should come as no surprise that another water-related activity shows up on my list. I love wakeboarding. I'm not all that good at it, but it is just so fun. Hopefully I'll actually get to do it this summer! 

10. Fearless by Max Lucado- Such an encouraging book. I love how Max Lucado blends the Word with great (and funny!) stories about real life.

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  1. I love that your list was so specific. I commented the same thing on Ethan's...I think I just felt like I copped out a bit since my were all so generic (and cheesy).

  2. mmm... lemon meringue pie... drooool.

  3. Thanks for including me! I'll definitely list some of my favorite things today!

  4. I love's one of hubs and my favorite shows! He's even started buying me the seasons on dvd because the three-four hour marathons on tnt are such a time vamp for me!

  5. My mom makes a super lemon meringue pie too and makes two every January: one for my dad's birthday and one for mine!

  6. I finally listed my 10 happy things!

    Check it out!

  7. Definitely have to agree with the long jeans. What a pain to order everything online and then have them not fit! I really think they need to change womens' sizing to be like the men so we can choose from a waist and length in the store. So much easier!

  8. I LOVE my canon too. I got the XSi. I think the only difference is the mp. Probably should have gotten the XS and saved money. Great Post!


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