Wednesday, February 10, 2010


-I went to buy fabric to make another DIY baby wrap yesterday. I wanted some basic cotton jersery--you know, t-shirt material. It was freaking $8 a yard. No thank you. At that price, I might as well just buy the pre-made wrap.

-I also tried on some jeans, because as I mentioned, nothing seems to fit correctly right now. I also didn't mention that I only had one pair of maternity jeans, and since I wore them all the time, they are a little worse for the wear. Anyway, it was entirely depressing, and I found nothing. Also, I had a heck of a time finding anything over a size 10 in longs. They didn't even have slots for them on the shelves. What, is everyone who is higher than a size 10 short?

-Yesterday, I started reading to Lizzy from The Message bible. I hadn't ever read Genesis in that version, and I found it to be REALLY weird. And kind of inaccurate.

-We need to look into refinancing our house. But the whole process is overwhelming to me. Could we even do it without paying closing costs up front?

-I'm noticing a funny change in dynamic since I started staying home. Before, when we were both working, we'd come home and both be exhausted and not want to go anywhere. Now, I'm rearing to get out of the house--especially for some adult interaction. But Justin is still exhausted and just wants to kick it in front of the TV. I totally understand both points of view...hopefully we'll fall into a better routine here soon.


  1. Dude, I have the damnedest time finding jeans in my waist-size (42) and length (32). Everything in 42 is always hella short. Cuz tall dudes are never fat...?

  2. - They always seem to get you on what you really want!

    - I also only had one pair of maternity jeans {#1 thing I'm changing next go round}. I hope you find something soon dear. :(

    - Interesting . . .

    - Tony and I need to also, but always get slammed at how to pay for it too.

    - You'll get there.

  3. Maybe we need to switch shopping places because I found an over 10 pair of jeans while in Florida and when I got home they are LONG which means me and all of my 5'4-ness has to roll up the legs so I don't walk all over them!!!

  4. I share your frustration with jeans only I wear a short! Oh to be tall! :) I hope you find something soon!

  5. Do you have a Hobby Lobby near you? I bought my fabric there with a 40% off coupon from their website.

    Totally hear you on needing to get out of the house and have adult interaction. I'm out and about right now - on my iPhone while nursing Isaac at Bread Co - and it's awesome!

    And yes, you can roll closing costs into the loan as long as you have a certain amount of equity. Definitely talk to a loan officer and find out your options!!

  6. I have never known anyone that likes jeans shopping. I am actually crazy impressed (and shocked) that you attempted it. Ugh. I always get all sweaty and flustered and eeew gross fluorescent lighting. It's a disaster. Even when I find pants that are good to go they are typically too loose in the waist due to buns and thighs (I feel like lots of women have this problem, not sure why JLo is the only one who has caught on yet). Can't someone just measure me and make some pants to fit my rockin bod??

  7. You know I feel you on the jeans front. I miss being a size 10 long because no one ever carries anything larger than that it seems. Oh they'll have it online, but there's no guarantee that it'll fit! How sad is it that one of my get skinny goals is just to be able to find jeans that fit in store? Stupid retailers!

    Ditto Kristal on finding a coupon. Michaels and Joanne's usually have them online too.

  8. ditto kristal on loan thing, we are in process right now!!

  9. I know what you mean about getting out of the house. I'm like that in the summer when school's out! You'll get into a rhythm though. It just takes time.


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