Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Snippets

- We had a busy weekend this past weekend. My aunt and uncle were visiting from Portland, and so we popped over to my parents house on Friday and Saturday (I'm also there right now). It was fun to introduce Lizzy to them, and to spend time talking, laughing, eating, and playing Smartass (our favorite board game).

-Lizzy also saw her first movie, The Lightning Thief. I was worried how she'd do in the theater, but she slept the whole time.

-She also slept through the night last night! However, I probably slept worse than ever because I kept waking up wondering why she hadn't cried and if she was still breathing. But she was just fine every time that I got up to check on her. Obviously!

-Justin gave me a "boquet" of chocolate covered strawberries for Valentine's Day. They are delicious.

-I finished reading "The Weight of Water" by Anita Shreve. It took me quite awhile, but it was good. Again, I kind of felt like the book spent so much time building up to the climax, and so little time resolving it. But I still enjoyed her writing style enough to pick up two mroe of her books from the used book store--how could I resist when they were on the $1 shelf?!

-I'm trying to decide whether or not to do a garden this year. I had a mini container garden last year, but I didn't really enjoy it. Probably because it was just one more thing to do once I got home from work. I'm thinking about doing a real in-ground garden this year...there's something so satisfying about having fresh produce, and I also want us to get in the habit of eating more whole foods from scratch. If you garden, what do you plant?


  1. Tell more about the "Smartass" game! Go for the feels good to get outside and pick some veggies to eat!

  2. I love having a garden! We usually plant simple things like chives, basil, cilantro, parsley, tomatoes and maybe baby carrots. Good luck with that!

  3. Hello garden! I am really hoping to have one this year even if it has to be inside since we'll be in ND :)

    I'm thinking tomatoes and green beans.... And maybe some cucumbers!

  4. Last year, we planted tomatoes, a variety of peppers, okra, bush beans, zucchini, and butternut squash.

    And YAY for STTN!!

  5. I always took Jayden to the movies! I'm glad she was fine. We saw that on Friday! :)

  6. She's already sleeping through the night? That's awesome!

  7. I'm hoping to do a garden next year myself. The only thing I've ever successfully grown, though, is tomatoes.

  8. Yay! So glad to hear Lizzie finally slept through the night. Such great news.


  9. I think growing your own tomatoes are a MUST...besides...they never taste AS GOOD as the ones from your own garden. If you are good about watering them, they become the juiciest, best tomatoes EVERRRRRR. I am going to try more this year (i hope!)....and I only live in a townhouse so I dont have the most 'space' to be able to do it...but I LOVE ITTTTT!

  10. I support you trying a garden again. My plan would be to work out all the kinks so that by the time Lizard is old enough to pick things she will actually have edible things to go for! ;) My nieces and nephews LOVE picking cherries, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes etc from my parents' garden. The also had lettuce which I think was fairly low maintenance although I loathed making salads from it--it took soooo long to wash it all (most likely because I was an unappreciative teenager).

  11. Hooray for Lizzy sleeping through the night and letting you watch the movie in peace! ;)

    I want to try my hand at a garden this year. I'm nervous, but I, too, love the idea of FRESH veggies and things as opposed to going out and buying them. There's something fun in saying they're from YOUR garden. :) I definitely want to grow tomatoes...that's my only definite so far. :) We shall see.

  12. John and I shoveled cow manure for our garden on V-Day. That's love I tell ya! We're doing: spinach, 2 types of tomatoes, bell peppers, jalapenos, 2 types of lettuce, cucumbers, squash, zucchini, radishes, onions, green beans and throwing some flowers in there. You should go for it!

  13. I nominated you for the Happy 101 Award! Details can be found here:


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