Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Look Alike

Whenever I post pictures of Lizzy, I'm always kind of surprised how many people say, 'she looks just like you!', because I actually don't think she looks that much like me in terms of her facial features...I think she looks a lot like Justin, especially when he was a baby. Here's one example--J is on the left and Lizzy is on the right.

Here's a couple others of Justin as a newborn that remind me a lot of Lizzy: 


What do you guys think? See any resemblance? 


  1. Definitely see the resemblance! Isn't it fun comparing baby pics?

  2. She looks just like him!!

  3. a resemblace, especially in the expresions in Justin's second photo. Maybe that means her personality will be more like his?

  4. She does look just like him! Wow!

  5. Yeah, infant Lizzy looks exactly like infant Justin.

    I don't think any babies ever look like their grownup parents. When people point out resemblance, I just think they're projecting.

  6. I can see it in their eyes/nose area. Sometime I forget how cool it is that genetic traits (both good and bad) are passed on. Literally- parts of you and justin are in Lizzy. weird.

  7. When you compare the baby photos, she definitely looks just like him! But looking at pictures of you and Justin NOW versus how she looks right now...I think she looks just like you. :)

  8. I really thought she looked just like you until you posted his baby pics, I definitely see the similarities between the two of them!

  9. she does look like him, but lets see some baby pics of you so we can really compare!


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