Tuesday, April 27, 2010

12 Weeks to Better Photography- Week Nine

This week was all about portraits--something that used to be my least favorite part of photography (at one time, I HATED photographing people), and is now my favorite part of photography. The lesson gave some great tips about composure for photography. I wanted to share a few tips that work especially well for taking photos of kids, but also work with adults as you'll see with my lovely model:

First, have the person make ridiculously funny faces. Here's Justin pretending to be embarrassed by the idea of making faces. Don't let him fool you. Also, his dimples make me swoon.

And here he is being a "flower". Just for the record, his hand have been scrubbed. They are just stained like that.
The "flower" was great blackmail material and all, but what I was REALLY going for was just after the silly face. Because after making a ridiculous face, most people will either laugh or smile. Often both. And I love taking that "just after" shot, because you get a real smile instead of a fake one. And believe me, moms can tell the difference.

In my opinion, black and white is almost always best for portraits. I love to use Pioneer Woman's "B&W Beauty" action for a quick adjustment.

What about you guys? Do you have any tips for portraits?

Also, I've been having issues with MckLinky, so if you're participating, just say so in the comments section!


  1. I feel like I never see pictures of your hubby up here...he looks like a lot of fun!

    Look at those dirty hands!! :) haha

  2. I probably won't get around to blogging about this today [nesting has fully settled in and I'm all about cleaning the floors!] but my trick for great portraits is to always sharpen and brighten the eyes in PS. It makes ANY picture looks instantly more vibrant and super sharp.

  3. Finally got my pictures up!

    Great pictures of your hubby!! Great job!

  4. LOL at the dirty hands. John's look like that a lot too as do my little brother's (he's a mechanic). My lil bro actually gets manicures every now and then to keep his hands clean.


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