Monday, April 26, 2010

Splish Splash

So, J and I are really working on getting our backyard to be a great, livable space for this summer. I envision spending a TON of time out there, and having people over to grill out all the time. My parents have already helped us out a ton--they purchased 5 yards of garden blend soil at the church's school auction that they gifted to us. It will be a huge help in getting those raised beds going.

Another thing we've been talking about is a small inflatable pool. We have lots of nieces and nephews, and most of our friends have kids as well, so having a little pool (which would of course be HIGHLY supervised) would be a lot of fun. But I'm having trouble deciding exactly which one to get. Here's a few that we've been looking at:

Pros: Kids would obviously have a ton of fun in it. Shallower pool, which means less water to fill it up and dump it out. Also, I know that kids can drown in an inch of water, but the shallower water FEELS safer since none of the nieces and nephews really know how to swim. Multiple activities so hopefully the kids wouldn't get bored too quickly.
Cons: This is strictly a kid pool--the adults wouldn't really get any use out of it. I have read that it's STILL a tough pool to empty, hard to store, and clean.

Pros: Wouldn't require as much supervision as a pool since there isn't standing water. Doesn't take up much space. You can either let kids kick it around the yard, or you can fill up a bottom pouch with water to keep it stationary.
Cons: The reviews were split--half said this was an awesome toy for young kids and toddlers. The other half said it broke after one use.

Pros: It's still a small, shallow pool, but there's also space for adults (with a back rest). Good reviews.
Cons: Am I kidding myself that adults would actually use this pool? Fewer activities to keep kids occupied.

What do y'all think? Any recommendations?


  1. That first pool looks Ah-MAZ-ing!! I want to be a kid, lol!!

  2. So, based purely on my own experience from my childhood, we never really had much fun in kiddie pools and were much happier to just go to the real pool. And adults don't sit in shallow water happily - it gets cold! I'd go with the sprinkler.

  3. I think with Lizze pool 3 is the best option. You can be comfy while playing with her in the pool!

  4. I think I'd be between 1 and 3. Which is cheaper?
    While the sprinkler toy looks fun, Lizzie won't really be able to enjoy it, you know? Also, how big is your backyard? Would kids be able to run around with that without bumping into the grill or other things that could be a hazard?
    Last summer we got a membership to the YMCA (just for the pool) but we also had a cheap plastic pool for Cameron to splash in at home. You know what? We RARELY went to the YMCA- but we used the kiddie pool almost every single day after his afternoon nap. He loved it- and he was the same age as Lizzie a year ago.

  5. I say number 3! I would SO use it. We actually almost bought one on clearance last fall.

  6. I think number one! THe size and all the fun things to do will be great, plus it looks like there would room for an adult to sit with Lizzie and any other very young kids. That said, if you and Justin are going to use the pool a lot when you don't have company, number three might be the best option for you, since you would be able to get in easily with Lizzie.

  7. I say the sprinkler. That thing looks awesome!

  8. I won't lie to you, I'm a huge fan of lounging in water - with or without kids, even though it is a little frat-boy-ish. Still I say three. Throw some pool toys in there and the kids will be just fine.

  9. Don't forget, there are lots of racoon's in this area..Their sharp claws will destroy any of these as they use your pool to clean themselves.

  10. That was fun! We used to have an inflatable pool when my kids were still young. I always joined them when they wanted to play around and get wet.


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