Monday, April 19, 2010

BQOTD: Last Meal

Imagine for a minute that you are on death row. Wait, that's too morbid for a Monday. Let's try again.

Imagine for a minute that you'd get to plan out your last meal (a la death row inmates). You could have anything you want. What would you pick? 

Here's my answer: I'd start with a salad of mixed greens, blue cheese, apples, strawberries, walnuts, and raspberry vinaigrette dressing.  I'd also have an entire loaf of sourdough bread and butter. Then, I'd have a heaping plateful of medium rare tri tip, a baked sweet potato with brown sugar, corn on the cob, and fresh strawberries. And a pineapple that had been shipped overnight from Hawaii. Cherry Coke to drink. For dessert I'd have molten lava cake with a raspberry Chambord reduction. And real whipped cream.

{Pst! Justin! Since I know you're reading this, feel free to make me this meal any time. I promise that I'd eat smaller portions, and it would totally make me swoon. Totally.}

What about you? What would you have?


  1. I'm not sure what I'd have but I would love to try your meal sometime. Good gracious that sounds to die for (bad analogy?).

  2. I could use some of that dessert! That sounds amazing! I would want some incredibly delicious seafood. And onion rings... I know I know I'm a werido. And some of these garlic bread knots from a restaurant in LA. Plus your dessert. I think I would probably puke at the end but hey, it sounds good :o).

  3. I think I'd have like 20 Elvis Pretzelys, get a freeze head and die happy.

  4. Oh gosh, my mind doesn't think in terms of favorite meals. I have absolutely NO idea.

  5. Skim milk, a salad from Miyabi's with ranch dressing, loaded mashed potatoes, steamed oysters, & peach juice to drink with my dessert of peanut butter pie and Oatmeal Cookie Chunk ice cream from B&J.

    Not that ANY of that goes together..

  6. OK, so I was unsure how I'd answer...till I saw your meal! And all I have to say (and all I can think about now) is...ditto!

  7. I don't know all the portions, but this weekend I made my first ceviche de camarron, and it was splendid. So that will be on the list. And since I love to cook, I think I would demand to assist in making it; after all, it's my last meal! I want to be sure they get it right!

    Oh. And an empanada chilena. Chicken Curry with naan and palak paneer...ummm...this meal is getting too big.


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