Friday, April 16, 2010

A DIY Project in the Making...

A little while ago, Leslie shared the Knock Off Wood blog. And I am totally addicted. And I have a project in mind:

The Reclaimed Wood Look Headboard. This headboard was made by Nicole from Create and Delegate. I hope that she doesn't mind me using her picture. I just think her work is so stunning and beautiful!

We don't have a headboard right now, and I really want to make this one. I think this with a very dark stain, it would be gorgeous in our bedroom. Even though our dresser is white, I think a dark headboard would work just fine. Though white would be nice too. Since we have a king sized bed, I am wondering if we would have to assemble it in the room. And I'm also wondering if we'd ever be able to get it OUT of the room, lol! Would it be totally weird to sell the headboard with the house if we ever moved?!


  1. YAYAYAY! I can't wait to see the finished product. You guys will be so proud of your work. We have a King sized bed (and giant headboard) in a very small room. It has to be assembled in the bedroom, but it fits through standard doors.
    And I'll bet after you finish this, you'll want to make more stuff! Like a little picnic table for Lizzie! =)

  2. We have a king size bed head & foot board from Ikea. The thing is huge and we had to have our movers get it up 2 flights of stairs in our town house. They made it just fine, so I'm sure you wont have any problems.

  3. I'm planning on making my own cloth-covered headboard, but I love, love, love that! It's positively gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Couldn't you just turn it sideways to get it through the door? It wouldn't be taller than your doorways, right?

    I think that would look awesome. Are your bedroom walls white? If they are, I'd go with the stained version. If you have them painted a rich color, then a white (painted or white-washed for that pre-loved feel) board could really pop.

    Can't wait to see the finished product!

  5. Can't wait to see it!! That's a nice headboard, i love DYI projects!!

  6. I also love this website. That will be beautiful. I found you on your blog!

  7. Thanks for featuring my headboard! Sorry I didn't get back to your comment earlier, I was on vacation. I'm glad I decided to check my comments today! Love your blog, and I found lots of things on there that interest me.
    Thanks again!


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