Friday, April 16, 2010

Four Things

-Have I mentioned that J and I are playing on a co-ed softball team this year? I'm a little nervous for it (because I'm super competitive when it comes to softball and I don't feel like I'm in good enough "softball shape" to play) but we're doing it just to have fun. The first game is the 25th. Justin's band is playing a fundraiser the night of the 24th, so it should be a busy, busy weekend.

-Also, my allergies are going CRAZY this year. I have a constant sore throat from all the snot dripping down it! I've been a little nervous that we might have to cut out my allergy shots because they are just SO expensive with Justin's work insurance right now. Right now, it's a no deductible plan, but we have to pay 50% of everything. Which is just really hard. However, Justin just told me that in May, the company will be going back to their old insurance, which means that allergy shots will be $5!!! And, right now we have to pay $300 a month to keep us all on his insurance. In May, the company will start paying for us all again. Do you know how many different ways we could use an extra $300/month?!

-The above is a great example for me of God providing in our life. I remember talking a lot with my prior co-worker Emily about staying home with Lizzy. I've talked about Emily on the blog before here, but she's also now blogging, and you should totally check out her blog! Anyway, I distinctly felt like God was calling me to stay home with Lizzy--and I might add that this was strange for me, because I have never before felt like God was calling me to do anything. I was one of those people who would totally roll their eyes when people said 'God spoke to me', because I thought they were full of it (and honestly, when people say that God spoke to them about where to go for dinner, I still roll my eyes. Though that's probably bad of me). Anyway, I remember praying and praying, and feeling so confident that I was supposed to stay home. But also being really nervous about how that would actually work, because it just didn't work on paper. Yet, it has worked. In fact, things actually work BETTER than when I was working in a lot of ways. This has been a powerful lesson for me about how when you're doing what God calls you to be doing, your basic needs WILL be provided for. Do we have money to go to the movies, and go shopping? Nope. But our basic needs are met, and that's all I need right now.

-And because I love pictures, here's a shot of Lizzy over the weekend, doing her favorite thing--standing. Anyone who knows Lizzy can attest that she hates to lay down (she thinks you're trying to put her to sleep), and LOVES to stand!


  1. I am so glad things are working out!

    I am back to work for the first full week - and I am not sure how it is going to last. Right now I am miserable.

  2. I love that picture- Lizzy looks so happy.

    I have a very similar story about God calling me to leave NY and the school I had always dreamed of going to (literally- since I was 6) and moving to Virginia and going to Virginia Tech- while at the same time breaking up with my boyfriend/fiance of 3 years. YIKES. Of course, like you, everything worked out for the best for me. I should write about that someday..

  3. I love this picture of you both- I love shots like these!
    Good luck on your softball team! We played on a team last year, and even though our team sucked, it was a fun time!

  4. Although staying home was actually not in the grand plan and was not a calling from God, that's what I'm doing right now. I have worried SO much about finances and how we would do it. Yet here we are, almost a year later and still no job for me, and we're making it.

    We don't have money to do a whole lot of shopping either. And sometimes, I find myself being envious of those who can buy whatever they want whenever they want. But then I remember that I get to spend every second with my son and NO paycheck or shopping spree could EVER equal that time.

  5. Very happy He is working it out for you!

  6. Holy crap Lizard is ridiculously cute.

  7. Softball! How fun! I wish my J and I could do something like that together!

    I am so glad things are working out for you guys! It's sometimes hard to do what you know you need to do when it doesn't work out in your head or on paper!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of Lizzy! She looks so happy! Is that an apron or a dress you're wearing? Either way, super cute!:)

  8. That is wonderful that things are working out for you! :) What a blessing!

    Lizzy is SO cute!

  9. I just love seeing pictures of Lizzy. She is too adorable, and looks so big standing there!

  10. Remember God has kids too. She'll take care of all of other Mamas!

  11. SO, I totally don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, but my mom said that this summer is suppose to be the worst summer for allergies, EVER. :-(

    The photo is adorable though! And I'm glad that things are working out for you guys, that's great news!

  12. And I sympathize with the God calling you thing. That's how I feel about grad school, of which you've heard plenty, and it's the only thing I've ever felt "called" to do.

  13. Wow, that will be great saving that extra money. And I'm glad things are working out for you guys! That's such a HUGE relief, I can imagine!

    What a cute picture!


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