Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gobbledy Gook

- We had softball practice last night! Kaitlin's parents were completely awesome and watched Lizzy at the last minute for us. We were practicing by their house, and it suddenly got really cold. Also, the field didn't have a dugout and I was worried about stray balls bopping Lizzy. Anyway, it was so much fun! I played softball through high school growing up, and I've missed it. It's funny how skiddish I am of the ball now though--I used to have no problem getting in front of grounders and line drives. Stopping them with my body was no biggie. Now, I find myself thinking..." it really worth getting hit for?" And my answer is always NO. Ha! We got in the car afterwords, and Justin said, "Babe, you did really well! I didn't really have very high expectations, but you did better than I thought you would!" He meant that he wasn't sure if I was feeling 100% after Lizzy yet. But it cracked me up--was that supposed to be a compliment? ;-)

- As you may have noticed on the sidebar, I'm reading The Poisonwood Bible right now. I must have started this book half a dozen times before. I'd find it at the used book store, get it, try to read it, become disinterested, and take it back to the used book store. A few months later, I'd repeat the process. But this time, I am really enjoying it. I find that this happens to me a lot--sometimes, I'm just not at a place in my life where I can appreciate or enjoy a particular book, but a few months (or years) down the road, I am.

-We finally have a good variety of garden starts! The Jiffy greenhouses really didn't work all that well for me. However, what HAS worked well is germinating seeds in a paper towel inside a Ziplock bag. Basically, you get the paper towel wet, put some seeds on it. Then you fold the paper towel in half, and put it inside a Ziplock bag. Most of my seeds sprout in a day or two. Then, you just plant the seeding (along with that section of paper towel if the root had grown through the paper towel). Easy Peasy.

- I am not sure what to do with Lizzy during nap time. We have largely stopped swaddling her due to the fact that (a) she hates it and tries to escape and (b) she is rolling, and it's recommended to stop swaddling when babies are rolling. That said, she doesn't sleep well when she's not swaddled. I've only been getting her to take half hour naps lately. I suppose that we could be entering into the 4 month wakeful. Not sure. Any advice?

-Also, I feel like I am covered in baby spit up 100% of the time. I change, and she spews on me again. Blech. 

-About this time every year, I start jonesing to go wakeboarding. I want to go really, really badly. So badly, that I've been dreaming about it. I know it's too cold right now, but I can't wait until we CAN go. Speaking of, we probably need to get The Lizard a lifejacket!


  1. Have you tried swaddling just her arms? Like, Fold the blanket into a diamond, and then fold two corners of the diamond in so that it's one long pretty even blanket. Then just swaddle/wrap her in it. That way her legs are still free, but her arms are tight to her chest/side. This worked really well with the baby I would nanny for and babies in the daycare I worked at. Does that make sense at all? It's hard to explain and not show... Haha :)

  2. Oh my I would love to be on a boat in the lake somewhere warm & sunny right now!!!!

  3. I agree with Justine. I normally just swaddled babies arms once they got past newborn when I was a nanny. Helps them feel secure without trapping their legs. The startle reflex is way stronger in their arms anyways.

  4. I love those "compliments". Lol. And just being out on a lake on a boat sounds heavenly to me right now!

  5. We're going jet skiing in San Diego Next weekend and i'm hoping it's warm! :)

    I can't believe lizzy is almost 4 months old! holy crap.

  6. How nice of them to take her for you! I'm glad you had fun with softball. :)

    Wakeboarding seems SCARY to me. (Then again, I am NOT a fan of big bodies of water...except from afar...haha.) I am an AWESOME wakeboarder on the Wii, though! ;)

  7. Where did the past four months go!?! Glad you enjoyed yourself at softball!

  8. Aww, that brings back memories of putting my youngest niece into one of those vibrating bouncy seat things (minus the vibrating part) putting her between the seats, and going out on the boat. Ugh, they grow up so fast!!

  9. I did the same thing with The Poisonwood Bible! I am now almost done with it and completely into it, but boy was it hard to get started!


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