Monday, April 5, 2010

Various Things

- I am trying to learn how to knit ear-flap hats. I've been meaning to send one to Kaitlin for her little guy (who I CANNOT WAIT TO MEET), along with all the boy stuff that we were given. I've successfully made one hat so far, but it isn't perfect, and so I might make another one and see if I can do better. It's big on Lizzy cause Kait's little man will be 6 months by the time winter rolls around, so I wanted to make sure it will fit!

-Sprint was having a buy one get one free deal for Blackberry Curve phones. So my sister and I each paid $25 and did the deal. I'm usually pretty tech savvy, but I am having a heck of a time getting used to the phone! I feel totally incompetent!

-We're working on getting Lizzy to put herself to sleep. Sunday night was the first night of doing this, and it only took each of us going in once to rub her belly before she konked herself out. Hallelujah!

-Somehow, I didn't manage to get a picture of Lizzy in her Easter dress! I think someone in the family did though--I hope so, because she was pretty adorable. She is getting to be so fun lately. She's all smiles, and she's figured out that she can make noise whenever she wants, so there are lots of happy shrieks and screams. Love it.

-Don't forget that we've got Week 6 of the 12 Weeks to Better Photography tomorrow! It's all about shooting indoors :)

-I am having a tough time right now. I feel like my body is so awkwardly shaped now. The jeans that I bought post-partum are now big enough that they look sloppy, but my normal jeans aren't even close to fitting. It's a GOOD thing that my jeans are too big, but I'm worried that the next size down will be too small, or will give me awful muffin top. Most of my shirts are now too short because my boobs are WAY bigger than before. Also, I tried on like 15 dresses trying to find one to wear for Easter, and couldn't even find anything that I felt "meh" about. I hated how absolutely everything looked. It has just been so long since I've felt comfortable and confident about my body (we're talking since before I was pregnant, and that's now just about been a year ago), and it's really frustrating for me.

-Has anyone done Beth Moore's study of Esther? What did you think? I am thinking about maybe trying to get a group together. I've really been wanting to do it!


  1. Hope we get to see a pic of Lizzy in her Easter dress!

    I'm sure most mom's go through that awkward clothes faze post partum! Don't feel bad - your body has been through so much! I'm sure you will be feeling more like yourself very soon!

  2. hi friend!
    what a darling pic of lizzy ... =)
    i did the beth moore esther study and it was one of my favorites ...
    hugs to you and baby!

  3. She looks so cute in that hat and I love the ear flaps.

  4. I hope there's a picture of her in her dress too! I'm sure she looked darling!

    Love the picture and the hate though, near perfect works for me lol.

    I hope that you get through this awkward phase hun. It's no fun, but you've made great progress! You have to feel good about that!

  5. Love her cute toothless grin and that adorable hat!

    I'm sorry your body isn't making you happy. We all go through that phase, in fact I'm going through it as we speak and I didn't even birth a baby!
    All I can say is keep eating right, and keep working out and eventually you'll get there!

    Awesome about the phone! I was THIS close to buying an Iphone this weekend, since they were on sale, but I found out they have a new iphone coming out in June, and I know I'll want that one instead.. lol. so..I held out ;)

  6. Oh my, she is darling in that hat!

    And all I can offer you on the body image is a cliche - think about how amazing your body is - childbirth, pregnancy - it's accomplished a lot. Love it for that and have faith that in time you'll accept any permanent new curves and have the time and energy to get to the reasonable weight and size for you.

  7. I did the the Esther study- it is good. It is actually pretty heady at first (which I really appreciated- I am not a fan of feel-y, touchy studies.)

    Lucy Marie did it too- I am pretty sure she liked it.

  8. Love the hat and Lizzy's smile!

    I did Esther last summer, and LOVED it. Its a fantastic study, and one that I think every person in a group found relevant to them, and we had a wide age range and a lot of different things going on in people's lives as well. I highly recommend it!

  9. I adore that picture of Lizard! That hat is awesome!! :D


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