Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Morning in the Life

I had a post all planned out for today. It was a rant about how frustrated I am with my post-pregnancy body. And the fact that I can't seem to lose ANY weight, no matter what I do. Seriously, despite doing the 30 Day Shred or other workout videos multiple times a week, I have not lost one pound since 6 weeks postpartum. And it's frustrating as hell. As Lisa says, Uff Da.  But I'm sure you're as tired of hearing about it as Justin is. So instead, I thought that I'd do a photographic "morning in the life" post.

So. The day usually begins somewhere between 5:30 and 6:00 am. The last few days, Justin and I have been going in together to say good morning to Lizzy. I LOVE that time, and hope that it becomes a family tradition whenever possible. This morning, I walked in to see this:

Why yes, that's a sleep positioner you see behind her. It doesn't seem to do much "positioning" for Lizzy. Now I understand why people use crib bumpers! Anyway, after we say good morning, One of us changes her, and I feed her. Then, we head out to the living room. Lizzy will usually play by herself for a few minutes:

I know, this is the forbidden 'limb chopping'. But I love her little legs, and her hand on her knee in this picture. Lizzy recently discovered her toes, and now it's all about grabbing those little suckers and pulling her legs up. So while Lizzy keeps herself occupied, I usually have time to grab a quick breakfast:

This morning was hot chocolate, extra fiber bread with a dollop of PB, and a yogurt. I usually have an apple or orange around 9-10am too. I never realized how important fiber was until I had a baby. Just sayin'. I also obsessively move around our garden starts trying to keep them in the sunlight.

I'm getting a little anxious about these. It's been about 14 days, and a good portion of them haven't sprouted. I really want them to sprout, darn it! It's supposed to be 7-10 days! Do you think the rest are duds, or should I give them more time? On the other hand, the few that have sprouted are doing well. So well that I've had to move some out of the container:

Green beans. Yum! After I wolf down some breakfast, I play with Lizzy for awhile, and she goes on her belly for some tummy time. And folks? I think I may be in trouble. Because the last few days, when Lizzy is on her belly she will pull her legs up to her belly and try to raise herself up on to all fours. You know, like babies do just before they start crawling? She can't be almost crawling already, can she!?!?!

About an hour to an hour and a half after Lizzy first gets up, she'll start to rub her eyes and/or yawn. Those are her "tired cues", and my clue to get her swaddled up and laid down for a nap. When she's laid down, she's not too happy:

Notice the arm that's already out of the swaddle. She's our little escape artist. Shrieking and crying ensues. I return to the room two or three times to put her nuk (pacifier) back in her mouth and rub her belly to calm her down. Ten minutes later:

Fully escaped, and fully asleep. Although, the shutter from taking this picture almost woke her up. Not doing that again.Once Lizzy is asleep, I usually clean up a bit. Even though I clean up almost every day, the next morning, the living room still looks like a pink monster threw up in it.

Why yes, our garage door still does not have trim on it. Even though we have the trim. I think that I've become accustomed to imagining that the white strip of paint IS trim. Oh! Also, I forgot to show you the craft that we made at Mom's Group. Yes, I said craft. As in, a craft that I actually participated in. And it was so easy that even I could do it: 

Paint. Scrapbook stickers. Scrapbook paper. Glue. Easy as pie. The cube and little metal picture holder came pre-assembled. I did not however, write the verse. That's what they gave us to put in the craft to take home. I don't have cutesy handwriting like that. Moving on....

After the living room, I tackle the never-ceasing mountain of dishes in the kitchen. They seriously never stop.
Okay, so I lied...I haven't actually cleaned yet. Instead, I blogged. I usually clean in the morning though and blog at night. And actually, I planned to clean this morning after I blogged, but I already hear Lizzy cooing in her crib, so I'm sure that I won't get to do that before she starts shrieking. I wonder what weird position she's gotten herself into this time...


  1. I love the picture of her crying... Haha :)

  2. I loved this post! It was really a good idea and I loved her little leg in between the rails hahaha

  3. I love this post and all the pictures of Lizzy! She is so perfect! I can't wait to meet her!

  4. Great post!!! Thanks for sharing with us. Your house looks very cute.

  5. She's starting to scoot around, huh? =) Cam started getting up and rocking back and forth at about 5 months. Somewhere between the 5.5-6 month mark, he was full on army crawling, able to get anywhere he wanted. So YES it's possible- and start covering those outlets! =) I just can't believe she's there already!

  6. I lover her personality -- your photos seem to capture it so well!

    When I was young, but in school, I used to wake up in some of the strangest positions. I wonder if this will continue for Lizzie? I don't think I did this while I slept in a crib, but I could be wrong.

  7. My favorite part of this post was that you stopped after the "cleaning" portion. I also love the napping pictures! Too cute.

    Hmm, about the all fours. Isaac was up about the same time, but he wasn't rocking until 5 1/2 months. Watch out lady, you may really have an escape artist!

  8. She's going to be a really athletic kid I think! She's very coordinated, strong, and mobile already!

  9. I understand about not losing weight. I am almost 4 months post birth and I have only lost 4 pounds even though I have been counting calories and running. After a month or two, it is like everyone expects that you will be back to normal. Hang in there!

  10. I love this post, so real! It looks like Lizzie loves her caterpillar toy, so cute!!!! Your house also resembles mine after a long day, I try so hard to pick up after myself but it is not easy with a three month old!!!


  11. Oh those little feet through the crib slats are precious! Lizzy's onesie is very cute!

  12. I just found this website and thought it might help.

    It really helps me to see where other mothers have been in their struggle to accept or change their new body shape.

    Good luck and keep tickling her toes!

  13. Love the craft! How creative!

  14. Such a cute post! Love the guitar onesie! I hear ya on the weight loss too. I started 6 months ago and have only lost 8 pounds. Ugh.

  15. Oh and try putting a heating pad on low under the seeds for a bit. That worked with mine. They need light and warmth.

  16. I am so glad that I get to know Lizard a bit via your posts and pictures. I love it.

    Nice giraffe mug, I know that set from Target was your dream gift.

    Extra points for a well employed "uff da". ;)

  17. Love this post. I am a new follower of your blog (found on today's Bump blog roll) and really enjoy it so far!! Your daughter is adorable!!!


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