Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Baby Love

More newborn squishiness from a few weeks ago. It's funny--this influx of newborn sessions has caused me to fall in LOVE with newborns, but I distinctly do not have even one iota of baby fever myself.

Kellan (14)

This "newborn" was actually almost two months old--I was happily surprised that he slept so well! Also, he cracked me up with his hands...he was always putting them in such grown up positions without any posing from me. It was adorable.

Kellan (9)

Kellan (15)

Kellan (17)

Hopefully, I'll get another dose of newborn goodness later this week!


  1. oh my goodness, what a sweet baby! great picturs!! :)

  2. All these sweet baby pictures floating around are bad for my baby fever.

  3. I love the ASL "I love you" hand! ADORABLE! Great shots, Mer!

  4. I held my baby nephew for the first time yesterday and my heart absolutely melted, but it did not induce baby fever. No ma'am.

  5. perfection... that I love you hand is so sweet.


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