Thursday, July 14, 2011

Letter to Lizzy- Eighteen Months

Dear Lizzy,

This month, you have started to develop the most precious sense of humor. Just recently, you've started to like to tease us, and I love it--we'll ask you what a particular animal says, and you'll make the wrong sound on purpose and then dissolve into giggles. Right now, you especially like to roar like lions and you also do the cutest imitation of an elephant where you stick one arm straight up into the air and say "EEEEEEE!".  We spend a lot of time playing "Yi-Yo" (which is your version of e-i-e-i-o) with your toy farm.


You love to yell "Hi!" and "Bye!" to every person we pass at the grocery store, and you get very upset if they do not say it back to you. You love to talk on the phone, both for real and pretend. We've had a tough time this month with you plugging your ears and shaking your head no anytime we tell you something that you don't want to hear or do. Right now, your favorite food is still bananas, followed closely by ice (which you want in your cup every time you drink water) and blueberries. We recently bought you a small pool, and the faces that you make while playing in it are hilarious.You also love to go swimming at Grandma Joyce and Grandpa Mike's house--you especially love to jump into the pool (no more blowing in your face to get you to hold your breath) and want to do it over and over again!

Baby girl, you have so much fire and spunk in you. You are very opinionated (about everything, and you've recently started to love the word 'no' and say it to me frequently), stubborn, and also determined. You throw fake temper tantrums often and can turn off the tears like a pro. I think that dad and I will have our hands full with you as you continue to grow up, and I hope we're able to find some techniques that will help us to parent you in a way that will facilitate these natural leadership traits that we're already seeing in a positive way.


Words that you're saying right now include:
-Mah-nah (Banana)
-No (which can mean both 'no' and 'Logan')
-Baa-Baa (which is your favorite stuffed animal)
-Peas (please)
-Tee (thank you)
-Bones (our cat)
-Up-Ah-Bof-High! (Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star)
-Ney-Ney (Renee)
-Stump (which can mean both Stump and/or Kelsey)
-Pee-Yew (which you say any time you want your diaper changed or observe anyone going into the bathroom)
-Num-num (Yum-Yum!)


I love you forever and ever baby girl. Always will. Nothing can change that ever, okay?



  1. Ahhh, I love those little bike shorts! She really does sound like one of the most ENTERTAINING children ever :)

  2. Love that you're seeing her sense of humor! Such a fun age!

  3. Who would walk by without stopping to say hi?!? I can't believe how big she looks in the last few months.


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