Monday, July 25, 2011

Blueberries for Lizzy

On Saturday morning, a small local farm was having their third blueberry picking day of the season. Lizzy loves blueberries and so we buy them often, but the price tag (we recently paid $3 for one of those small containers at the grocery store) sometimes prevents it. Justin isn't the biggest blueberry fan in the world, so I wasn't sure that he'd be gung-ho about getting up early on Saturday morning to go, but I think the fact that the u-pick cost was $2 a pound clinched the deal for him.






In all, we ended up with almost 12 pounds of blueberries in about an hour.



The first order of business was definitely to make freezer jam yesterday. Seriously guys, if you want to can but are intimidated by it, try making freezer jam. It took about half an hour to make the jam! The only caveat is that you probably want to buy your jars new rather than getting them at garage sales or such--many of the newer pint size jars are freezer safe while the old ones aren't necessarily. You can also buy the plastic freezer safe containers for jam--I do have some of those, but prefer the jars.


As long as our garden cooperates this year, I plan to "put up" a lot of stuff in the freezer this year. We have virtually no pantry space but actually have 3 freezers, so it just makes more sense for me to freeze tomato sauce and the like than to can them!


  1. Eli's diet alone this summer has been 80% blueberries [it feels like!] so this would have been totally up our alley. And they look so yummy! Probably way better tasting than the ones you buy at the grocery store. Mmmm :)

  2. I am so jealous of your freezer space. We keep saying that we should invest in an upright freezer for the garage/basement but never bite the bullet.

    By the way, you kitchen = looking fabulous!!

  3. I'm fairly certain that Jesse and Jaxon could eat 12lbs of blueberries in 2 days. I wish we could go pick them here! They are so dang expensive!

    Also, I cannot get over how long Lizzy's hair is, or how awesome your cabinets look! :)

  4. Not a Blueberry fan either, but What a delightful post Mere!
    Great Pics! I'm totally in love with your cabinets! and your kitchen (it looks so bright.)
    Yay for the 12 pounds ! I'm happy for Lizzy, By the way she looks so Darling!

  5. Holy moly that's a lot of berries!

  6. Yummy! Oh my gosh they over took your counter!

  7. I've always been intimidated to can or freeze, but you have made me want to try now!


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