Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Photo Snippets

Here's the island before:


And In Progress:


I've since added another coat, but you get the general idea. Now this week, we'll be working on everything else...which is sure to be a BIG job. We went with the Ace Hardware Cabinet Enamel for paint, which I think I'm going to like in the end. The only bummer is that it takes a full 24 hours to dry in between coats, and since we're doing both the insides and outsides of the cabinet doors, that's a pretty hefty time commitment for primer, and then 2-3 coats of paint for each side!

-Saw this on Pinterest and had to try it:

-And I know that I've been sucking on the 30 in 30 updates. I've just re-started a new group of clothes...and I'm following the plan, but not to the letter. My rule is that I can't just browse the other side of my closet, but if I find myself thinking, "Hey, I'd really like to wear that red cardigan"--I'm going to wear it, even if it isn't part of the "plan". This helps me decide which articles of clothing are things that I wear most often or really love, and which things I never think about until I see them. Here's what I wore to J's baseball game on Thursday (though most of the time I didn't wear the cardigan):

-And misc 4th of July shots:


(This is Lizzy mimicking the sound fireworks make)




(Justin sang "Whiskey Lullaby" with Kelsey at the karaoke place after the parade)



  1. So many fun shots - I love your nails!

  2. Oh my gosh, I can't wait to see the finished kitchen. Sounds like a great paint - I'm selfishly glad you're one step ahead of me so you can tell me what to do!

  3. So many things to comment on - where do I begin?

    I love your outfit...very simple and cute! You look great!

    LOVE the nails! Isn't Pinterest fun for new ideas? :)

    Love Lizzy's face in that first one she's in...haha!

  4. Cabinets look great so far! And the nails--super cute :)

    I just LOVE Lizzy's little legs...they're adorable in those shorts!

  5. You have the best legs for shorts! I wish I looked like that in anything that hit above my knee!

  6. The island looks so great! Tons of time and work, but it be look so great in the end. The sealer I used on my countertops took 24 hours in between coats and I was going mad. Mad, I tell you.

    And, I adore Lizzy's face imitating fireworks. Pure joy.

  7. oh my word, LOOK at her excitement in that first photo!!!!!

  8. The cabinet looks great so far, and what is that fun thing next to your coffee pot in the 2nd pic?

    Love the nails! And you're adorable!

  9. LOVE your nails! How did you do that? I'm not so great at the painting my nails category :)

  10. Oh my... Lizzy's face is so awesome!! I am so excited to see your cabinets.

  11. So many great things about this post! Lizzy's facial expression cracks me up!

  12. Love this post! So many gorgeous photos. I love your nailpolish too!

  13. How did you do your nails? I want to try this!

  14. Whoops! Should've read this post before I put my two cents in about the cabinets!! :-)


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