Monday, July 18, 2011

Snippets and More Cabinet Photos

-While I was getting a haircut on Friday, Justin re-hung our cabinet doors for me! Of course, I realized that I forgot to paint the two little doors above the stove...but I am loving how it looks so far. Right before we went to bed the other night, Justin said, "Meredith! Come here! Now I can see in the kitchen even when its dark!" He's right--it really has lightened up the space a ton. Now just to knock out those bottoms, eventually! I'm torn between doing it in little segments (which would mean living with less chaos, but for a longer time period), or trying to knock it out all at once (which would mean chaos out the wazoo, but for a shorter overall time period). Anyway, once the cabinet doors were up, I deep cleaned the was MUCH needed.



-Speaking of above the microwave, remember how at the end of May, I posted about there being a bird in our wall? We figured that the bird must have found his way out of the wall because the squawking stopped, and Justin opened up the space above the stove and didn't see a bird anywhere. Well, two weeks or so ago, the fan above the oven stopped working. While Justin was hanging the doors, I asked him if he could take a look to see what the problem was. Yeah, he found a dead bird in the fan. *Barf*. We had no idea because there (luckily) hadn't been any unusual smell, but YUCK.

-Justin got up to do Insanity with me this morning before he left for work. I was all excited because that meant I'd have an hour to myself after we finished and before Lizzy woke up...which of course meant that she woke up an hour early. I usually let her stay in her crib until about 7am even if she wakes up, but she's starting to get fussy, so I'm not sure we'll make it that long this morning.

-I picked a bowl of strawberries from our garden this morning. LOVE.

-Our softball team might actually make the playoffs this year! Not too shabby when you consider that we only won one game last year.

-Yesterday's Bible study (we're still doing Esther by Beth Moore) talked about fear, and how we have to retrain our thinking about our worst case scenario fears--she talked about how everybody has some sort of fear where they think, 'If X happens, I just won't be able to keep going'--and that those fears can be exploited over and over again to shake us to our core. Not to mention the fact that it's kind of telling God that we trust him not to make these bad things happen in our lives, which is not one of the promises that God has made to us. It's a conditional faith, no?

Instead, we have to retrain ourselves to think, 'If X happens, then I'll be devastated for a couple of months or years. I'll be depressed. I'll have a hard time trusting God. I'll be angry. But God will be with me, and I will get through it, eventually.' Um, yeah. That hit home for me.


  1. A series of colons and exclamation marks...

    To your cabinets: Fabulous!
    To your microwave: Ewww!
    To your workout: Nice to have a buddy!
    To your strawberries: Yum!
    To your softball team: Congrats!
    To your bible study: So true, but so hard!

  2. MER, first things first I want to see the new LOOK ;)
    * LOVE the way the kitchen is looking, amazing how painting can change the whole spirit of the room.

    * About the way we handle our fears, I think we all go through those painfull thoughts of "What would I do if....." and it's almost involuntary, you're totally right, it's somehow 'to condition' our faith, but inadvertently. I have found my self fighting against those fears quite often.
    And in more than one occasion I've acted impulsively because of it, I think that relying entirely on God is a daily exercise, although we are aware that our love for God is unconditional. Sometimes life surprises us fighting our fears.

  3. The cabinets look amazing! And I love your countertops. They are gorgeous and really stand out against the white doors, where they were kinda blending in before.

    The bible study...I was doing a bible study on a different topic, but this same thing came up. There are certain things that I used to think "if that happened, I don't see how I could ever turn to God. I think I would hate Him forever for that." I shared that with the group and one woman shared something that I really appreciated - she said it's impossible for us to imagine being in certain horrible situations because we aren't currently equipped for it (because we don't need to be). But should something awful happen to us, God would equip us with enormous amounts of grace and love, allowing us to endure. It would be hard and terrible still, but we'd be equipped to handle the situation. It makes perfect sense, and has been a real comfort to me. :)

  4. Cabinets look amazing! And nothing better than fresh fruit from the garden. Also I'm jealous of your workout buddy!

    Thanks for sharing that bible study thought... it almost had me in tears. What Kristal said is extremely comforting as well.

  5. Love the cabinets, white is my fave! And as for any Beth Moore study, life changing, love her, and Esther was soooo good!

  6. Your cabinets look amazing! So pretty and bright!

    A dead bird in my kitchen would seriously make me jump out of my skin. Did you about die?

  7. Not literally die, obviously. In case it seemed literal. You know what I mean?

  8. Your cabinets look awesome. It's amazing how much your space can affect how you are doing as a person. I think this will be really positive for you guys! We just bought a new tv table that I've been eying for a long time and it has seriously made my day every day since we got it! Great with small positive changes around the house!! Nice work!

    Do it all at once and get it over with!! ;)

  9. mere,
    i think the subject of *fear* is one that so many women deal w/ ... anxiety about a variety of things. thanks for sharing the encouragement you received from the esther study. i remember that very day of the study as well ... walking thru the what if's and essentially disarming them.
    i am reading 'fearless' now by max lucado and his chapter about worse case scenarios has been so helpful for me.

  10. The cabinets make the room look really bright! Ew ew ew to the dead bird.

  11. Those cabinets look so great! I guess at least the mystery of the bird is solved... gross. Fears can be horrible things.

  12. The cabinets look really great! And if I ever saw a dead bird in my kitchen, I would freak! Glad it is gone!


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