Sunday, July 5, 2009

House To-Do's

I have a LONG list of things that I'd like to do in our house. I feel like it never ends! I thought I'd compile a list of things that I'd still like to do, in order to keep track of them!

For J to do:
-Weed N Feed the front yard, then begin edging
-Install transition strips for new flooring (no, this still hasn't happened)
-Re-install trim around baseboards and doors
-Raise up back yard, install sprinkler system, and then lay seed.
-Bring in rail road ties for above ground garden beds.
-Spray for spiders and stupid earwigs!

Other projects:
-Paint the cabinets white. After that, re-evaluate whether or not I still hate the countertops.
-If I can live with the countertops, install a tile backsplash
-Consider repainting dining room
-Finally make my DIY headboard!
-I would REALLY like to repaint the kitchen table and chairs as well, but that may be a bit ambitious. I'd probably have to get them dipped to strip off the current stain and seal.
-Turn our two spare bedrooms into actual usable, functional spaces...not just storage!

The only problem? Pretty much no expendable income to work with! We'll have to see how I do with a budget the size of a pushpin!

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  1. Love that inspiration picture. Good luck with all of your to-dos. I've been thinking lately (because I'm going to be an aunt - not for any other reason) about doing a baby's room on a dime - totally doable! Good luck!


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