Monday, July 13, 2009

Just Another Manic Monday

Woah oh Woah.

-I was able to speak to J last night for a little bit. The job up north is NOT going as planned. Basically, they're supposed to be using a jackhammer to break through some concrete of an old building to then re-plumb the building for the new dialysis center. Only, the old building also has other active businesses in it, so J and his co-workers are not allowed to "make noise" during the day. However, when the contractor tried to get a variance from the city for hours that the boys could work, the contractor was denied. So the boys are not allowed to make noise (and jackhammers inherently make noise), but they're also only allowed to work from 8am-5pm every day. The boys planned to be home on Friday after working 20 hour days all week, but now that that's not a possibility, I'm not sure when they'll be home.

I asked him how many more of these dialysis centers are left to be built...yeah, there's 150 total. That's nice.

-The weekend was busy, which was good. Karla's shower on Friday night went well! Here's a picture of her opening a present:

-Our bosses are wanting to meet with me to hear about my work plans for December-January, and also what I want to do post-baby. I appreciate the open dialogue, but I really have NO IDEA what my plans are. Sure, I'd love to be able to stay home. Could we feasibly do it? I'm not sure that we could unless J were to work two jobs. He's willing to do that, but I would hate for him never to be home. The other option would be for me to work a couple of days a week or pick up a night job...but I don't want to do that either. It doesn't mean that I wouldn't, but I really don't want to.

-Today, we're giving away free ice cream at work, which means that I'll probably give away an amount exactly equal to the amount that goes in my belly. Which is not good, because ice cream has been giving me terrible heartburn lately. Maybe Kristal and Ethan were on to something about the milk....


  1. Hey girl! I'm sorry your time husband-free hasn't been going so well (or at least HIS time). Keep truckin' and let your bosses know you need some time to crunch numbers and discuss with your husband. Maybe you can give them a date (in a month or two?) that you will discuss it all with them? Blech- that is a hard position to be in when there are a bunch of different options. :( I'll be thinking about you!

  2. What a disaster re: the contractor. That's sucks. :(

    Good luck with that convo. I will say that if it meant Tony working 2 jobs, I wouldn't be able to handle the toil it took on him to enable me to stay home . . . and I think we all know how much I want to stay home!

  3. They play that song daily at work and it makes me want to scratch out my eardrums. Like most things I hear at work, honestly.

    I'm telling you, dairy is pretty much the bane of the human gut. And I loves me some dairy.

  4. I want to work where you work!!! Nice!

  5. Booo! Tell him he needs to get back and take care of his girl~ I hope your conversation goes over well. I know how hard that one is. I still struggle with it now. As for the free Ice Cream, you will definitely have some good karma coming for making so many people happy!
    Hope you are feeling better~


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