Friday, July 10, 2009

What's Up for the Weekend?

-J left this morning, boo.

-I have a bridal shower for J's sister tonight.

-Tomorrow, I'm pretty much giving myself the day to mope around. I plan on watching some Top Chef Masters, and reading. There's a memorial service at church that I may go to on J's behalf since he's out of town. Hopefully I'll get some laundry in as well.

-Sunday, I've got to head up to a BBQ to see the people that were essentially my second parents in high school. I'm undecided whether I'll trek it to church as well. This past week, pretty much the whole church found out that I'm pregnant (J's mom was busy!), and I know they'll want me to be at church to say congrats, but that feels weird without J.

-Next week, I'm hoping for a girl's night dinner. Too bad I can no longer use my unhealthy coping skills to deal with J being gone, which usually consisted of multiple bottles of red wine.

What are you guys up to this weekend?


  1. I think tomorrow we might head over to the zoo or a museum in DC. Sunday, I plan on just running errands, cleaning, and relaxing. I'm really looking forward to it.

  2. This weekend we are going to watch all the Harry Potter movie is preparation for the new one! Maybe you could do that too. = )

  3. I am jealous of your relaxing weekend!! Tomorrow I am helping to co-host a post-wedding BBQ for my friends which means tonight & tomorrow am I will be going a bunch of cooking & baking. The party will take up most of my day.

    Sunday I have a bajillion chores to catch up with. The work just multiplies when John isn't here to split it with me!

  4. Mer- I think you should come hang out with me since my J is gone this weekend too. We can mope together and I will drink all the red wine you can't consume! Sounds like a perfect plan to me :)

  5. Bummer man. I think Chelsie's plan is best. :)

    Wedding shower tomorrow and then a 6 mile run, followed by a soccer game. I love it.

  6. Working, and feeling depressed because I'm working.

    Enjoy your healthy coping.

  7. I'm going to a garage sale at the same place I have my photography class in hope to find some great local art stuff. Then, I'm going with my SIL to get her registered at Babies R Us- I think I'm more excited than she is! I can't wait!

  8. Mere, we are going grocery shopping tomorrow morning, we might go to the memorial service, but we think we are going to the lake. You are more than welcome to come with to the lake, if you want. If not enjoy your lazy day. I hope you get to talk to Justin soon. Love you!


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