Monday, July 20, 2009

Shortest Weekend Ever.

Seriously. This weekend flashed by, and had a whole bunch crammed into it! It went something like this:

-I made banana bread for the first time
-Justin finally rolled in at about 11:30pm. We stayed up at talked for maybe 30 minutes and then crashed.

-Woke up late, let J sleep in even later while I watched some HGTV since my allergies were bothering me. Fell asleep on the couch.
-Finally woke up for real, headed to my parent's house.
-Ate some pizza from the place that I've been craving non-stop since getting pregnant.
-Bought 3 maternity dresses, a skirt, a pair of capris, and a shirt from my sister's consignment store for a total of $6. I love the family discount.
-Said goodbye to my brother who is now en route to Japan to play football.
-Swam in the salt-water now feels nice and soft.
-Left to watch a late Harry Potter movie. I fell asleep despite the stupid kids behind us that kept talking on their phones the whole movie, no matter how many times I asked them to knock it off and be quiet.

-Woke up late, skipped church.
-Had my first panic attack when plans changed and I realized that we'd be out at the concert arena place ALL DAY with nothing in the house to eat, nor anything that I could quickly grab from the store. Get freaked about how much planning it takes to do anything when you're pregnant (Is there a bathroom? Am I going to have to sit out in the hundred degree weather for the next 6 hours? Is there anywhere inside with AC that I can go? When will we be able to eat?)
-Headed out to the amphitheater, where we sat outside in the hot hot heat for like 6 hours. Still, once it finally cooled down, it was a great venue.
-Got home about 9:30, where I watched the last half hour of the Next Food Network Star, and fell asleep on Justin.

-Woke up feeling like I have a hangover, not thrilled about heading to work OR the grocery shopping I need to do today.
-Is definitely thrilled about it being payday.
-10 days until vacation weeks! I'm taking the 31st off for Karla's wedding, and we'll be camping until the night of the 2nd. Then I work Monday, Tuesday, and part of Wednesday, and then I'm OFF until the 11th of August! Woo!


  1. I wonder where the best place is to find maternity clothes-because I definately do NOT want to spend a lot of money on them. Right now my regular clothes fit okay, but they are getting tight quick! It is sooooo hard for me to get out of bed every incredibly hard! Are you still going to work after the baby? I don't know yet....also I forgot to tivo Food Network Star..darn it!

  2. I wish I knew someone with a saltwater pool. That sounds AMAZING.
    And girl across the street was going to fry pickles (gross!). She had the oven on too hot for the oil, and the pot burst into flames. =(


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