Thursday, July 2, 2009

That Figures

It's supposed to be 103-105 this weekend. Normally, I'd be absolutely thrilled about it, except for the fact that our air conditioner broke last night. Why does this always happen over holiday weekends?!


  1. Yuck! I feel for ya, good luck getting it fixed! Hope you enjoy the holiday weekend as well!

  2. That sucks! Someone is coming to look at ours tomorrow. It's not really broken, but the inside one is brand new (it crapped out right after we bought the house, thank god for the warranty and the stimulus refunds that we got that year) and our outside unit is original to the house - almost 20 yrs. The outside just can't keep up, especially when we've had 100 degree days for weeks now. The outside one constantly overheats in an effort to try to cool the house and just shuts down. Yeah. It's a lot of fun. Cool one minute, hot the next. Good luck with your's! Hopefully the damage isn't too bad.

  3. Ughhh that sucks! Get a sprinkler and run around outside like little kids! :)

    We had the bbq chicken wraps last night. They were super easy and quick (always a plus), BUT they were pretty plain tasting. They needed something- maybe garlic, or more veggies? I don't know- they were just very flat tasting. Not bad though..


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