Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th!

I hope you all have a safe and happy 4th of July! Any exciting plans? We are actually planning to hit up a parade this year, with my camera in tow, so hopefully I'll have some fun updates later on!

By the way, my awesome dad came over to look at our AC on Thursday afternoon. Do y'all know what was causing it not to work? Seriously, I wouldn't have believed it unless he left me proof. A stupid EARWIG. I hate these guys, they're everywhere, and they don't even care about the traps I have set out. Plus, they're ugly and disgusting:

Apparently, an earwig had crawled in our AC unit and had somehow wedged himself into the exact place that prevented the connectors from connecting and the AC from turning on. Thank goodness we hadn't called an HVAC guy to come out--I'm sure it would have been a $100 visit to discover the stupid earwig!

In other news:
-I had the BEST DAY out at the lake with Casey, Pete, Kaitlin, and Stump. Floating docks rock my world. If I can do that every Saturday for the rest of summer, my life will be good.
-Justin's out of state trip was put off again, which means that he'll be coming to the doctor's appointment with me on Monday. I promise that I'll clue those of you who haven't figured it out to what's going on sometime next week.
-Stoked about the BBQ at Renee's house today!


  1. Happy Fourth! Have fun at the parade.

    I've never seen a bug like that before. Glad your dad was able to fix it and not have to call the HVAC guy. Gotta love dads :)

  2. Ugh those are awful! We have them all over at my work of all places right now! We keep seeing them in our offices! The only way to get rid of them is get some strong spray and make sure u spray it everywhere! Hopefully thats the only one u had and dont have to go that far. Glad he could figure out that was the problem for ya!

  3. Stupid, freakish looking bug messing up your AC. Who would have thought? I would freak out if we had any of those hanging around here. Ugh! Those are creepy looking. In our AC news, the guy came out and cleaned it, but I don't think it made much of a difference. It was around 80 in our house yesterday with all the people over. Sigh. Glad yours was an easy fix though!

  4. I am personally impressed by an insect with the talent to disable an air conditioner. You should've donated it to science.

  5. Happy 4th! I hate those earwigs! We have all kinds of them, well not anymore..... We bought this amazing bug spray to spray all along our foundation and it actually helped. I swear, there are more this year than ever before. They are the most disgusting bugs I've ever seen! Good luck and I hope it's the only one you have!!!

  6. I HATE those nasty earwigs!! That stupid thing... they are pure evil (obviously, since he messed up your AC in July!!)


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