Friday, July 24, 2009


-I got to watch an adoption ceremony at work the other day. It was the most uplifting part of my week so far. Without a doubt, the adoptions of the older kids make me more emotional and weepy than the adoptions of babies, though I did cry my eyes out at that episode of 16 and Pregnant.


-We are currently examining the possibility of refinancing our home through Obama's Making Home Affordable plan. I'm not sure if we qualify since we aren't having trouble making our payment NOW, but we may have some trouble come January, when we're up to +1 and lots of medical bills. And even if I'm working again full-time, a good portion of my check would be going to daycare rather than housing. We'll see how that goes.

-We did not eat fast food or takeout for dinner once this work-week. Go us!

-My 16-year-old brother is in Japan with his football team right now. I'm used to communicating with him via text, Facebook, or in person, so it's lots of, "Sup, u comin over 2nite?" I've been getting these very formal emails from him about Japan, and it's cracking me up. Here's a snippet.

To get to practice in the morning I take two trains and a monorail. I also walk by a closed theme park. The theme park was shut down ten years ago when the main roller coaster broke, and decaptitated all it's passengers. It is just now being demolished. The architecture here is outstanding! The buisness districts are all brightly colored and interestingly built. For example, today I saw a four story bright yellow driving range.

Who knew he could be so full of helpful and interesting information?! And folks, there's proper grammar! What have they done with my brother?

-I should really get out of my pajamas because I have to leave for work in like 15 minutes. Where I will probably spend all day filing. Woo!

Happy Weekend!


  1. I hope the refinance works out for you guys! That would be great!

    And thanks for the comment on my blog - I appreciate it. :)

  2. Good luck on refinancing. See how awesome socialism is?

    (My joke aside, that program only barely fits the definition of socialist.)

    Your brother's email is another good reason to stay the fuck off roller coasters. Just saying. It also makes me miss public transportation in other countries.


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