Wednesday, July 8, 2009


- I feel a little like the girl that cried wolf with all the times I've told you that J has to go on the dreaded out-of-town-for-work trip that will essentially cut off communication between us for at least a week. Progress by the people that need to finish before J goes up hasn't been on target, so his leaving date keeps getting pushed back. It sounds like he will definitely be leaving Friday morning, and hopefully coming back the following weekend in time for his concert on Sunday. We'll see. It sucks. Completely. I have things to keep me busy on Friday and Sunday, but the fact of the matter is, I just want to stay home in my PJ's and be a lump on a log.

-I have had a migraine since Saturday, which of course, I can only take regular Tylenol for. I missed a BBQ last night with our Bible Study that I had really been looking forward to because of the stupid migraine. I hate flaking on people when we've already told them we'll come, especially when I'm supposed to bring something! At least we called and told them we wouldn't make it...

-On his own accord last night, J chose to watch Legally Blonde 2 and Moulin Rouge. I love the latter movie, and Justin is beginning to, because the music IS pretty awesome. I have to say that I was surprised again last night by my husband's lack of pop-culture knowledge in that he had never heard of Baz Luhrmann (ps- did you know the next movie he'll be doing is The Great Gatsby?!). And seriously, J didn't even recognize the Sunscreen Song! Who in the world doesn't remember that song?

Also worth note is the version of "Roxanne" from Moulin Rouge, which is a favorite of both of ours. Musically, it's incredible. The cinematography is incredible. It's just amazing all the way around.



  1. Love love love love Moulin Rouge. Great movie.

    Regarding the headaches - have you considering going to a chiropractor? I actually started going to one long before I got pregnant because of a pain in my shoulder and migraines. She has helped immensely. Even now that I've got crazy hormones that are causing migraines, she's still been able to help me. It may be worth a try?

  2. The music from Moulin Rouge is pretty amazing. And Roxanne is my favorite too.

  3. I would probably kill myself if I had a migraine that long. But my migraines leave me unfunctional. Since you can't take hella drugs like a normal person, you could try acupuncture. A hippy town like Ashland is bound to have an acupuncturist, and some people swear by that shit. My aunt gets acupuncture for her dog. Seriously. No, really. Seriously.

    I don't like Moulin Rouge. And it should be a crime to cover "Smells Like Teen Spirit." Although Tori Amos does a good cover of it. But not in Moulin Rouge. Hmm. Anyway.

  4. O my gosh I LOVE Moulin Rouge too! My fave is when Ewan McGregor sings the Elton John song. He has an incredible voice! I think Baz is great, I loved his version of Romeo and Juliet too! Oh and i completely forgot about that sunscrren song! lol really good message there.


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