Saturday, July 11, 2009

TMI Warning.

I just spent a half an hour throwing up a banana and half a glass of milk. Really? I'm 13-14 weeks...shouldn't this nonsense be over by now?

Edited to add--I always irrationally freak out after I throw up and think to myself, "Oh no! I hope I don't have listeriosis!" Especially when I've recently eaten food that's been prepared by other people or restaurants like I did last night.

I KNOW that it's just an irrational worry because now that I threw up, I feel just fine. I have a feeling that if I really had listeriosis, I probably wouldn't be feeling quite so peachy.


  1. Yuck. Do you regularly drink milk? Personally, I hate milk and never drink it. However, I started craving cereal, but I've discovered that dairy, even when it's just a little bit, like the milk in cereal, is a huge trigger to make me nauseous. Maybe it's the same for you?

  2. Dairy can upset people's stomachs because humans have only recently started eating it, and the microorganisms in our guts haven't yet evolved to process it well.

    Also, a half hour seems like a long time to be vomiting a banana and half-glass of milk. You're dedicated.

    I don't even know what listeriosis is, but if you'd prefer a different disease for your hypochondria, I know some good ones.


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