Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Easy Dresser Re-Do

J and I have been looking for a dresser for some time. The problem is, that our bedroom is sort of a blue and white themed room, designed to be light and airy--and any time I find a dresser that I think I'd like to paint, J has a heart attack about painting solid wood. Any wood. It doesn't matter if it's birch or knotty pine--he'd happily live in a forest if he could, just to be surrounded by all that WOOD.

So, I thought that while he's out of town would be a perfect opportunity to whip out my dad's paint sprayer, and go to work. I called my dad to let him know that I planned to paint a dresser white. His response, "Um, I just picked up a white dresser that had fallen off the back a truck. I glued it all back together. You could have that."

Free white dresser? With much less work? I'll take it. Here's the dresser as it magically arrived at my house while I was at work yesterday:

It was a little grimy with I-don't-know-what (but it wouldn't wipe off), and a little dinged--which I'd imagine had something to do with falling off the back of a truck. And UGH, it had gold knobs, which are the bane of my existence. I hate gold.

After doing a quick consult with dad, I decided that the paint just needed a few touch ups, and that it would really be a waste of time to sand it all down first. So, I took some leftover paint we had from painting the trim, and added a quick "refresher" coat of white. Then I went to Wally World and bought a cheapo 10 pack of dresser knobs--it's too ironic that the cheapest bunch they had were oil-rubbed bronze. So here's the dresser in it's near-completed state:

Not bad for less than $20, eh?

Although it did make me realize that this probably means that I need to do some decorating on top of the dresser. And I have NO ideas there. It seems like they'd just be dust catchers to me. I'm trying not to just rush out and buy things...although I really wouldn't mind a mirror over top.


  1. It looks great! Glad you found knobs. :)

  2. The knobs are much better. I think $20 is a great investment. = ) Way to go.

  3. Nice! I've been dying to do more furniture refinishing, but I don't need any furniture, and I would have no place to put anything. =( As far as decor, do you ever check out HollyLuv's blog? That girl has amazing table top decor skills. You could check out her blog for inspiration.

  4. This looks freaking awesome! I love the knobs, excellent work. And bonus - you weren't the original wood painter, so you're in the clear from the wrath of your forest loving hubs!

  5. Great job and what a deal! I'm terrified of painting furniture. I'm scared it would come out awful and be a big waste of time and money.

  6. Very nice! I have been wanting to do that with my old dressers… but I’m too scared I’ll mess it up. Very nice!

  7. Love it :) I have an old dresser at home that is about to meet the same fate!

  8. Love this, looks fabulous! I did this exact thing to our bedroom furniture before we got married and am dying to make over some more furniture.


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