Tuesday, May 11, 2010

12 Weeks to Better Photography- Week Eleven

This week was all about shooting in our own daily environment. The article included an awesome piece about photojournalism, and how sometimes a picture can be a great picture even if it isn't technically perfect--there is a difference between technically perfect and emotionally perfect.

The challenge for this week included three options:

1- Capture a small snippet of your life that usually goes unnoticed.
2- Create a visual record of your day
3- Share your favorite photos, and tell about the emotional connection that you have with it whether or not it's technically perfect.

Can I just say that I FIRMLY believe in this philosophy when it comes to photography--capturing the real moments. The kids in their normal clothes eating ice cream. Or jumping on the bed. Or a couple talking to each other in between the shots that we're taking. It's not about the formal set-up, it's about remembering our lives.

I've done #2 not that long ago with my Morning in the Life post, so I thought that I'd focus on numbers 1 and 3 today. I'll start with a set of photos that I have an emotional connection to--these four pictures are of me, Justin, Jesse, and Kait on this past New Year's Eve. Kait and I were both pregnant (I was HUGELY pregnant, obviously), and I think all of us were exhausted. But as usual, when we all get together, silliness ensued. And even though in most of the shots we're looking every which way, and none of us are smiling at once, these remind me of a photo booth series, and they make me laugh every time....especially the first one of Jess and Justin holding hands!

 Another picture with emotional connection is one that we have hanging up in our house. I tried to take a picture of the picture, so bear with me! The day after our wedding, we received this as a gift from our PLU friends. I can't remember whether this was actually from Sara, Lisa, or Ethan....I always think of all three of you when I think of who it was from. Anyway...

We were moving, so the picture is a little blurry, but I absolutely LOVE that about the shot. I think it captures that moment of us walking out of the church beautifully, and I absolutely treasure this photo.

And on to #1--Capturing a few moments in the day that usually go unnoticed:

Mom's Sanity:

Dad stopped by home for a minute: 

Learning to replace her own pacifier--and she even made sure to secure it on her nose:

Leave a comment if you're participating!


  1. I got mine up! That hot choco looks yummy :-)

  2. Loved the pics and the tips, I still hope my pics turned out as good as yours :)


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