Friday, May 7, 2010

Fix It Friday

It's time for another round of Fix It Friday from I Heart Faces!

Here's the picture to be fixed this week:

And here's my first edit:
Workflow: Played with curves a bit, then used Nelly Nero's Light Balancer Action. However, I tweaked that action a LOT, turning off some layers entirely (like the desaturation layer). This edit is BORDERLINE too blown out for me. But, I liked that this edit still looked fairly natural--like something that could have been shot right out of the camera, instead of so post-processed that it looked like a bad shot I was trying to "save". But, y'all know I love my portraits in black and white. So I did a black and white conversion too:

Workflow: I started with the above image, then applied Amy McMaster's Black and White Action. Her B&W is nearly exactly what I used to do by hand--it's nice to have a shortcut! Then, I applied both the espresso and bittersweet tints to that action.



  1. These are really nice, clean edits. Don't you love finding an action that simplifies the work you've been doing manually? I love Amy McMaster for simplifying my life. :)

  2. You're right! Our edits are pretty similar. I love keeping it natural looking and simple.

    Great black and white!

  3. This looks good! I think I'm going to start this too!

  4. Love your fixes - especially the BW!


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