Thursday, May 13, 2010


Yesterday, I asked for prayers for Kaitlin, who is not only a fellow blogger, but one of my best friends in real life. Kait was being induced at 35 weeks yesterday. Jaxon Garrett was born last night weighing 6lbs 4oz and measuring 19.5 inches! However, I know that Jesse, Kait, and Jaxon would still appreciate prayers as Jaxon has been in the NICU since he was born.

He had mucous in his lungs at first, and was on a vent for awhile. He's breathing room air now (great news!), but the doctors are continuing to monitor him for pneumonia and an intestinal blockage. Jaxon hasn't demonstrated symptoms for either, but both can contribute to high levels of amniotic fluid, so the doctors are being cautious.

Kait and Jesse haven't been able to hold Jaxon yet, which I imagine must be agonizingly difficult!

Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers! 


  1. I am so glad to hear an update! I will keep them in my prayers!

  2. It is great to hear the good news.

  3. Welcome to the world Jaxon! Such good news Mer! I hope that his parents get to hold and cuddle him soon. Prayers being sent their way!

  4. Thanks for posting an update! I've been waiting all day to hear how he's been doing. Sad to hear they can't hold him yet, but glad that his delivery was safe and that things are looking good right now.

  5. Wow, he's a big boy for being born 5 weeks early - that's fantastic!

    I'll definitely say a prayer for the family. I still complain about not being able to hold Isaac for 3 hours after he was born, then I hear stories like this and realize how trivial that was. i hope she gets to hold him very soon.

  6. Lots of prayers coming their way! I can't imagine not being able to hold my baby for that long. But I'm glad his health seems to be improving, and it sounds like he was a good weight for delivery!

  7. Praying for your sweet friends and their precious new blessing baby!

  8. I will def pray for them and that is great news he is on room air! When we had brady in there, they kept telling us that was really great. I didn't get to hold him for almost 24 hours so I know how hard it is. I'll be thinking of her.

  9. Awww welcome to the world Jaxon!


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