Thursday, May 27, 2010

Burning Question of the Day: Movies

Today's BQOTD:  

What was the last good movie that you saw, 
either in theaters or at home?

Honestly, I'm not sure. We saw Avatar in the theaters (in 3D) before Lizzy was born. I did enjoy that one as much as a 9 months pregnant lady sitting through a 3 hour movie could. 

I really want to see Valentine's Day, but it isn't available in Redbox yet, and I'm not sure that I want to buy it without having seen it first.


  1. Kick Ass!! It was totally not what i was expecting. I thought it would be like 40 Year Old Virgin or Super Bad but it wasn't at all, although there was some good comic relief. It was so good! We were pumped and cheering at the end.

    500 Days of Summer was really good too. Hubby even liked it. Oh and The Hurt Locker, intense but really good.

  2. I watched The Prestige again the other day. It's one of my favorite movies ever. So good.

    I don't remember the last time I saw a really good movie in theaters. Probably District 9, back in August? Avatar and Iron Man 2 both struck me as so-so.

  3. I soo want to see Valentine's Day too but the best movie I've seen recently would have to be Up in the Air...1. George Clooney-yum! 2. Majority of the movie was filmed in the STL 3. Just a great, awesome movie! I highly recommend it-two thumbs up from this critic.

  4. I want to see Valentine's Day too- and like you, I'm waiting for it to come to the Redbox. We don't see movies in the theatres very often, but I really enjoyed The Blind Side. That was the last movie we saw.

  5. I saw Letters to Juliet with my mom-in-law and sis-in-law. It was pretty cute :)

  6. You should get Netflix. You can watch all kinds of movies and shows instantly if you have a Wii, Xbox or playstation. We use ours so much that we don't even have cable. And it only cost us 9$ a month!!!
    Anyway, last good movie I saw was.....Hurt Locker

  7. I've seen Valentine's's cute. Not sure if I would say buy-able...wait for Red Box.

    This is probably not the kind of movie you're craving, but have you ever seen Brokeback Mountain? (Probably not one J is going to be super keen on watching)...but I just watched it recently and it was incredible. Devastating, but incredible.

    What about The Lovely Bones? Seen the move version of that one?

  8. I would definitely not waste the money on buying Valentine's Day. I'd Redbox it, but it wasn't good enough to own.

  9. A few movies we've seen lately.

    Blindside ( Seriously sobbed through this movie!)
    Lovely Bones ( Good, but not *that* scary)
    Extraordinary measures ( SO good!)

    Hope you find something good! We always rent through redbox as well, and sometimes you just have to hold out for the good ones.

  10. The Blind Side was awesome but very predictable.


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