Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tug Of War

I think Lizzy must be teething. And I think after seeing this video, you'll agree, lol.


  1. omg that is too funny. and yes, I would agree she is probably teething!

  2. So cute!!

    Isaac has started doing this exact same thing. Any time I hold on to his hands, he pulls my knuckles right into his mouth and gnaws on him. I can't figure out if he's teething or just learning new things though, because that's the only sign we've had of teething...no crankiness or sleeplessness, etc. Who knows...babies are hard to figure out, LOL.

  3. oh gosh! I remember the knuckle biting days of early teething. It does get better :) btw, thanks for your comment on my lightscoop post. I responded over there for you.

  4. Jillian is teething too, I am about to blog about this whole issue!!! We have been to the pediatrician twice in two weeks and her doctor claims the bottom teeth are just about to poke through!
    We had some sleeping issues on Friday night and then she had a HUGE blow out Saturday morning which I am not sure why that goes with teething but according the doctor, it does. I thought her ear infection had come back but she is all clear. Other than that, no other real issues except she loves to gnaw on Sophie's face all of the time and is a big drooler. I really think Lizzie needs a Sophie to suck on!!! :) Have a good day.


  5. Ah! The baby noises! The cuteness!

    I know nothing about teething, though I know I'll be initiated soon. I hope you don't have too many sleepless nights ahead!

  6. Ha! Yes, I agree! And I could've filmed this same thing with Lovie the other day.

  7. Hailey is doing the same thing. Yesterday she even did a wide mouth attack of the TABLE. Arms, shoulders, fingers you name it she`ll attack it with her mouth. I don`t think she`s teething though because shes not grumpy at all.. I could be wrong though


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