Friday, May 21, 2010

These Are Not My Pants

Last night, after band practice was canceled, J and I decided to go visit with Kaitlin's parents, Jon and Bev. We were talking about the usual stuff. 

What should we do for dinner? 
Do you need to take a shower before we go? 
I'm not sure, but I THINK there's a clean pair of your jeans in the dryer. 

And then I went back to burping Lizzy, and didn't think much about it until I saw this: 

It took a minute to register. Where in the world did he get those jeans? Because my husband does not wear tight clothing, unless they're Wranglers. Then it's okay, apparently. I don't get it, but whatever. Anyway, I saw my wonderful adorable husband wearing jeans that were quite tight, and I wracked my brain to figure out what was going on. 

And then it hit me. They're MY jeans. My favorite Gap Long and Lean jeans.

Or they were my jeans. They were my pre-pregnancy jeans. Scratch that, they were my pre-pre-pregnancy jeans. {Also known as the-jeans-I-will-never-fit-into-again}

And then my mind went through a huge mix of emotions in a split second: 

My husband is weird. 
I CANNOT BELIEVE he fits in those! 
It is NOT FAIR that he fits in those and I don't! 
It is NOT FAIR that my husband could eat bacon every meal of the day and still fit in those! 
I want another pair of Gap Long and Lean jeans.
Oh God, I will never be able to wear Long and Lean jeans again!!!

And then just in the nick of time, when my thought process was really starting to deteriorate, my sweet, funny husband did this: 

And I couldn't help but laugh. Hey, at least someone is getting some use out of the jeans, right?


  1. They're not Tommy's or Billy's or Bobby's pants...

    cute BTW. :-P

  2. LOL great post!! SO something my hubby would do!!!

  3. that is too too funny that he did that. As difficult as it may seem to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight, I have a feeling that your sweet little girls is worth every ounce of it!

  4. Thanks for posting this! I am cracking up at my desk.

  5. That is hilarious Mer! Oh my gosh! Thank you for the laughs this morning. This is the best way to start a rainy Friday! Tell that hubs of yours thanks too!

  6. Gotta love a funny man... I know I love mine. This is totally something he would do too!

  7. Hilarious!! Matt has accidentally put mine on as well. Really, the embellished pockets didn't clue you in as you were putting my jeans on? lol Though, he never posed in them for me. hah

  8. So funny! I got a huge kick out of this. :)

  9. What a goofy kid! I love it!

  10. lol! at least you caught him before he left the dad wore my mom's khaki's to church once and couldn't figure out why they were SO short. ;)

  11. Hilarious! And a great post for a Friday! Have a great weekend!

  12. that is absolutely too funny and definitely made my day. thanks :o)

  13. Props to Justin. Please tell him I am impressed, and terrified.

    P.S. Have I ever borrowed these jeans? Hehe.

  14. Oh my word, that is priceless!

  15. Hilarious! My hubby would (has done) the same thing!

  16. Oh my...that was hilarious! I needed that laugh this morning! Thanks! : )

  17. LOL! Too funny! Men! My husband could probably wear mine now that's he all thin from the Navy! Though they'd be high-waters.

    Gah! Men and their naturally thin hips and thighs!

  18. Hahaha! This post was hilarious! Does he know you posted embarrassing picture of him for everyone to see? : )

  19. This was the suggested post under your last and I don't remember it at ALL. Love.


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