Tuesday, May 18, 2010

12 Weeks to Better Photography- Week Twelve

Aaaaannnnnnd, we're DONE! I hope that these past eleven weeks have taught you guys some useful info about photography...I know that I've learned quite a bit! This last week was mostly just a catch-up week to do any lessons that you missed.

I decided to talk about photography equipment this week. I think I've mentioned before that I have a Canon XS body. The main lens that I uses is a Nifty Fifty (50 mm with f 1.8). I HIGHLY recommend this lens for portraits, and it isn't too expensive! I also use a Lightscoop, which can't really replace a speedlight, but is nice to have nonetheless. In combination, the Lightscoop and Nifty Fifty are the biggest recommendations that I have for newborn photography.

In terms of post processing in Photoshop, I usually don't do a ton. Sometimes I lighten things up a bit, or use PW's Boost action, but I really do try to get things right straight out of the camera. PS- I don't know if y'all know that most custom camera settings to adjust things like contrast and saturation in camera. So, if you find that you're always bumping up the contrast on your photos, or that your camera shoots warm/cold, it might be worth it to adjust your color profile in camera!


  1. Hey there, now that I finally have a new camera, I plan on going back through your photography posts. We took a class this past weekend and I am trying to learn everything I can about it. I can't wait to take some beautiful pictures of my girl! I hope you are having a great Tuesday, it's my day off so I am a happy girl!

    Take care,

  2. Thanks so much for sharing the 12 weeks with me! :) I learned a TON!


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