Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Things I Like A Lot: Sophie

By now most of you know that in college, my roommate Lisa dubbed me the "Giraffe" because I am tall and clumsy. Eventually, our group of friends all took on jungle animal personas. Anyway, since becoming a giraffe, I have walked this thin line of enjoying giraffe paraphernalia while also wishing to NOT become "that giraffe lady" who has her entire house decorated in a giraffe theme.

So. When I heard a couple of mommy bloggers talk about this teething toy called "Sophie the Giraffe" made by Vulli, I debated on whether or not to buy it. Because she's cute. She's a giraffe! And her name is Sophie. And she has 465 five star reviews on Amazon. But she was also about $15, and Lizzy hadn't liked any of the teething rings that we'd tried so far, and I just wasn't willing to shell out the money when Lizzy hadn't been teething THAT badly. But then, over the weekend, she really began teething. And as I mentioned, I think I got five hours of sleep total all weekend. And that trend has largely continued. By Tuesday morning, I was willing to spend ANY amount of money to bring Lizzy some relief and me some sleep. So, I picked up some Hyland's teething tablets, and then ordered Sophie the Giraffe from Amazon. Thanks to my dad, we have Amazon Prime, which means free two day shipping. However, much to my surprise (and joy), it arrived today.They must understand the desperation of a mother whose child is in the throes of teething.

Meet Sophie:
I was expecting thick rubber (a la Gumby), but she's very lightweight, and almost like a dog-toy. However, she's better than your average dog toy because she's BPA free, made of 100% natural rubber, and her spots are made of food-grade paint. In other words, she's totally safe for baby to chew on. And chew she does.

Like I said, Sophie is really lightweight, and Lizzy can easily grab and hold her. Lizzy played by herself with Sophie for a good half hour--chewing on her head, neck, ears, etc. and staring at her spots. And when it comes to being a new mom, an occupied and happy teething baby is  


PS- I received no compensation for this post. I just wish I would have bought Sophie sooner, and I hope if any of you are on the fence, this post will encourage you to buy her!


  1. Oh man- I remember this craze on the Bump boards when Cameron was little. I ordered it pronto- and I, like you loved the fact that it was totally safe for him to chew on. Cam loved Sophie, and we're keeping her around for the next one!

  2. this is on my amazon wishlist for when we have a little one :)

  3. Three of my cousins all had babies 1 year to 6 months before me, and they are never without their Sophie. I already have one ready to go when we need it!

    It really does seem like a glorified dog toy though doesn't it? :o)

  4. Yay!!! You finally ordered Sophie!!! She is certainly worth the money, I never leave home without her! I am so glad that Miss Lizzie loves her too. She looks so cute noming on her!

  5. Oh my goodness, I feel like you made this up. Way too good to be true! :)

  6. Who knew such a cute little giraffe would be such a parenting Godsend? Thanks for the tip!

  7. I've heard SO many raves about Sophie. I definitely plan on buying her when Isaac starts teething badly! Actually, maybe I should order it now and be prepared...

  8. I'm glad you and Lizzie love Sophie! I bought one for our little guy, since I have several friends whose little ones LOVE Sophie. I am worried though that the second it touches the floor it will become a dog toy.

  9. I've heard so many amazing things about this!! Maybe I'll have to get one now before we're even pregnant... You know, just in case :)

  10. Just catchin' up after giving birth last weekend ;)

    Totally need to get this. I did not buy into the hype when I was on the bump. But my sister bought one for her son and WOW, he loves that thing :) I've got to get one for my new son.


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