Friday, May 7, 2010


-We have a busy and very exciting weekend. I can't wait to tell you guys what we're up to. Yay!

-Still, I am EXHAUSTED. Lizzy has been getting up every hour on the hour all through the night for the past few days. Half the time she's in pain from teething, and half the time she's making high pitched shrieking noises just because she can and wants to play. My mom says I was notorious for doing the high pitched shrieking when they were out in public with me, so I guess it's payback. This morning, Justin kept saying "Smile Meredith! You haven't smiled lately!" I kind of wanted to punch him in the face. That's right babe, I haven't been my usual smiley self lately because I haven't slept lately. I admit it--I'm grumpy, and I have a short fuse. Here's hoping that I get a nap today. Speaking of naps, forget cards or jewelry for mother's day--all I want is to be able to turn off the baby monitor and take a nap. I've been talking to Justin about doing this for weeks, but it just hasn't happened logistically.

-Hopefully, the garden will go in this weekend. Seriously you guys, we have the biggest garden bed ever. It is 5x 20. Looking at this nifty square foot garden planner online, all our veggies fit into a 4x10 bed. I guess that means that we have plenty of room to let our cucumbers and stuff go nuts.

-If you haven't read Faith's post about kids and eye drops, please do!

-I'm slightly bummed with Adorama Camera. I had never ordered with them before, but I bought a Lightscoop through them last week. I paid extra for 3-5 day shipping, and I received an email last Friday that said it shipped. So, I was surprised to look on the package tracker and see that the slated delivery date is May freaking 15th. That's 10 business days (not counting Saturdays) from the time it shipped. What the heck? Isn't that 7-10 day shipping, not 3-5 day shipping?


  1. Very curious to see how you like your Lightscoop!

  2. I just read the post about the Visine...holy cow! I am SO glad you shared this. I had NO idea.

  3. I was concerned to read that there seems to be a problem with the ship date of the lightscoop you ordered from Adorama Camera, and I would like to apologize that your first order from us has not gone smoothly.

    Could I please ask you to email me directly, with your order number, and I will give this my immediate attention.

    Again my apologies, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Helen Oster
    Adorama Camera Customer Service Ambassador

  4. That's cool Adorama left you a comment. I ordered my new camera through them and got it right away. Hopefully it's worked out! Thanks for passing on the Visine story as well. It's still kinda crazy. I'm going to plant the pepper seedlings in the garden and maybe a few in pots tomorrow. One of the peppers in the garden has died. Boo.


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