Thursday, July 22, 2010

Dear Subway,

My dearest Subway,

Many of my friends had recently been talking about how wonderful you and your Orchard Chicken Sandwich were and how I should give you another shot. I decided that they shouldn't have all the fun, so several weeks ago, I visited you. One thing led to another, and at the goading of my friends, I tried your new sandwich. Normally, I'm not a chicken salad girl (or a mayo girl for that matter), but I have to admit that I was swept away. Sometimes, new can be good. This version of chicken salad was light, delicious, and relatively healthy. Apple. Celery. Cranberry. Chicken. It was the perfect companion to a hot summer day.

After our first time together with the Orchard Chicken sandwich, you were on my mind all week. I couldn't wait to see you again. But, trying to be a good girl, I waited patiently. Another few weeks passed before I ventured back to see you again. I waited with anticipation until the counter girl said that all was ready.

"I'd like a six inch Orchard Chicken sandwich on wheat," I happily pronounced.

"Uh. That was a limited edition sandwich. We don't have it anymore," she replied.

First, it was your Bourbon sauce. Then it was your hearty Italian bread. Now, the Orchard Chicken Sandwich. I just feel like every time I really start to become attached, you go and change. I just don't know who you are anymore!

So Subway, I'm sorry to say that I think it's time we broke up. It's you, not me. And no, we can't just be friends.



  1. LOL! I hate it when that happens!!!!

  2. *Gasp!* They're still advertising it here. In fact, it just came out a couple of weeks ago. I'd offer to send you some, you know, if it weren't for the spoilage factor. :-)

  3. That sucks! I find Starbucks does that to me. Seriously - everything that I LOVE gets taken away (Maple Macchiato, White Iced Tea, Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate). Frustrating!

  4. I hate when that sort of thing happens! But I'm also not a huge fan of Subway either. Sorry about your break-up.

  5. Hehe, Jimmy Johns is way better anyway! ;)

  6. Seriously - I didn't even know about it and was starting to think I'd check it out. Booo. Jimmy Johns is pretty fabulous though!

  7. Limited edition? And I never tried it! NOOOOOO!!!

  8. AH! I hate (but love) seasonal items!

    In regards to the cheesecake recipe, I'm going to make a Key lime cheesecake on Sunday for church potluck, and then I think I'll post post recipes. =)

  9. And PS- I agree with the few commenters who said Jimmy John's is WAY better than Suway! =)

  10. haha, this really made me lol, sorry you lost your sandwich!!!

  11. awww, that's the worst! Panera did this with my favorite sandwhich, the tuscan pesto chicken sandwhich, I was crushed when they got rid of it, even wrote a letter begging for them to bring it back...yes I am that sad!

  12. That sucks! I hate when that stuff happens - even though I wasn't a fan of their chicken salad. I don't like fruit in mine, but I'm weird like that!


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