Thursday, July 29, 2010

Keeping It Real

Sometimes, when I'm reading blogs written by other moms, I can't help but feel like they are SO perfect in their parenting. I'm sure this isn't intentional, but sometimes, it's overwhelming.  So today, I thought I'd share some of my not-so-finer moments as a mom from yesterday. 

-I've been noticing that Lizzy has been getting increasingly fast at crawling. Additionally, she has figured out how to tip herself forward in her bouncer, which is what I previously used when I was taking a shower or such. We forgot her jumper at Justin's parent's house after the wedding, so I decided it might be a good idea to set up the Pack N Play for when I need to keep her safe and confined. As I was struggling with the set up (certainly not because I hadn't read the directions), I looked down and noticed that for the first time, Lizzy had made it into the kitchen....and was eating the cat food. Awesome.

-Later that morning, I was trying to get Lizzy down for a nap. I was babysitting one of her cousins, and she just did not want to go down. She was MAD. Now that she's over six months and showing signs that's she's able to self-soothe, we've taken a Ferber approach to naps--when she's crying her obviously MAD cry (opposed to her hungry cry or other cries), we will let her fuss/cry for a pre-determined set of time before going in to run her belly, shush her, etc. Yesterday, she was obviously just ticked. So, I let her cry for the predetermined amount of time. When I went into the room to check on her, I discovered that she was definitely mad...not because it was time for her to nap, but because she had stood up in her crib, and gotten both of her hands stuck between the crib and the wall {Just for the record, they weren't stuck in there tight, and she was obviously fine, just MAD}.

-We're usually pretty good about giving Lizzy healthy foods. For the most part, she eats whatever we're eating as long as it is fairly healthy and child-safe. Except for last night. Justin's side of the family was over looking at pictures from Kelsey and (her) Justin's honeymoon. We were all eating pizza. Lizzy wanted some badly, flapping her arms and yelling. I tried to appease her with healthy snacks that I'd brought, no dice. I tried giving her a crust of the pizza, no dice. Justin eventually brought her over a slice of pizza, and as soon as he handed it to her, baby girl turned the water works right off. And she ate every last bite, despite just having finished an entire container of yogurt. My child apparently loves her food.


  1. I had to LOL at Lizzy eating the cat food.. that is so going to be my kids.

  2. haha well, cat food has protein, right?? :)

    and that's so funny about the pizza - i don't blame the girl!

  3. Haha! I have a friend whose 1-yr-old looovvveeesss to eat the dog food. LOL!

  4. Love this! I tricked my youngest brother when I was little that dog food was candy... :-) Lizzy is so advanced with crawling and pizza eating!

  5. If you ever need to feel better about your parenting, come take a look at my blog. How is a first-time mom supposed to know all the tricks of the trade?! Imperfection is what I do best.

    A little cat food never hurt anyone, and that story will be priceless in years to come!

  6. lol at all of this because i have done it all too :)

    dog food is a big hit in our house!

  7. OMG to the cat food. :D I hadn't even thought of that. And I have two cats. And a 7 month old on the verge of crawling. Crap.
    I love pizza, too! ;)

  8. Meredith.
    You need to take a peek in our house- just yesterday Noah hit himself in the face twice pulling on something (a clothespin and his diaper pail, respectively) with such force that when it came loose, he hit himself (the diaper pail actually knocked him over). Today he walked into the bathroom, picked up Rufio's water bowl, dumped it on his head and put a handful of dog food in his mouth. I was literally 7 steps behind him and he did it all THAT FAST.
    He is obsessed with- and constantly tries to touch- our kithcne trash can and the plunger. Blegh!
    Also, he LOVES pizza and has had chick fil a (1 chicken strip and a small fruit cup) TWICE this week.
    You are SO not alone.

  9. Pshhhh. Perfect? Where are these blogs? I want to point my finger and laugh ;)

    You're doing fine. I have learned as long as your baby is smiling you're doing a fine job!

  10. Hahahaha... you are awesome! I hope this becomes a regular feature because your honesty is refreshing!

  11. I love the pizza tidbit. I would TOTALLY give my child a piece of pizza if he/she wanted it. LOL oh lord, are my kids going to be obese?

  12. My nephew did the same with dog food, in fact so often they had to put up the dog's food bowls except during feeding time. Poor doggies!

  13. Is there such thing as perfect parenting? you better bet the more mobile my kid gets the more stories I'll have too. But right now, you set her somewhere and other then some scooting in a 180degree circle, she pretty much stays put. haha.

  14. I think in general, most mom bloggers (including myself) don't post too much of the "bad" parenting, only the good- the accomplishments of them and their babies. I'm sure that has a lot to do with feeling imperfect compared to others.
    Take for instance- the other day, Cameron was running around the house with a bottle of our KY Jelly in his mouth. How's that for mom of the year? LOL!
    PS- Pizza is one of Cam's favorite foods! =)

  15. Ha! If you could only see into our house...a few months back when Olivia was about five or six months old, she was upset and having a meltdown about something. I ended up to having a melt down because it had just been one of those days and I yelled at her to shut-up. Seriously??? Who tells their five month old to shut-up? Of course that lead to more crying from both her and I. I called my mother-in-law in tears and thankfully she reassured me all moms have told their children to shut-up at one point and time. Olivia is just as bad too when it comes to getting into things. The other day I left her for ten seconds to put something in the sink, when I came back out her mouth was black from eating the ashes out of the fireplace. Gross! She eats everything and anything! Oh and sadly, at ten months old, her favorite thing to eat is mac and cheese!

  16. this is the best... i think i need this post of my own.

    so do they have child proof pet bowls on the market??

    Eva is moments from crawling and the cats really love their food.

  17. Ethan is still young but I'm sure I'll have some stories soon. I have been peed on twice in the past 24 hours if that counts. :)

  18. No mom is perfect yet we are all perfect in our kids eyes, At least while they are little.

    You are doing great. At least you didn't let your kid roll around in his crib in poo where he possibly ate some of it...

  19. Brayden loves to get the cat food, and when you tell him NO he grabs a handful and then tries to crawl away as fast as his little legs will take him. SO frustrating. I am sure he has eaten at LEAST 15 pieces.

    I need to write a post like this. :) YOU my friend, are doing just fine!

  20. First of all, I recently ate cat food. That's a story I should definitely blog about, because it's funny. So it won't kill her.

    Also, I think it's great that you're not perfect parents (not like that's possible anyway). You guys are surely to make some errors of judgement with her as she gets even older and even more stubborn and this is basically just like laying the foundation for that. Isn't it good for us to not always get what we want and have some challenges along the way? Character building, right? ;)


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