Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sears is absolutely unbelievable.

I'm sitting over at my parent's house this morning, and listening to my dad scream at Sears over the phone. After listening to what's going on, I CANNOT BELIEVE this circumstance.

Basically, one of my parent's elderly neighbors recently had a stroke. His refrigerator has also recently stopped working. My dad used to be a technician at Sears, so the neighbor asked if my dad could arrange to have it fixed. Since it's under warranty, that should be a piece of cake, right?

Apparently not. Last Thursday, the technician came out. He wasn't able to fix the problem, and said that he was missing a part to troubleshoot further, and would return today, July 1st to fix the problem.

My dad took the day off work today to be here for the technician. He called to find out what time the technician would be out, and he was told that the call was bumped until July 7th.

So let's review--we have an elderly man who has just had a stroke. He has already been without a refrigerator (which was under warranty) for a week. Now, without any notice, the call was postponed another week. So, two weeks without a refrigerator.

My dad asked for a supervisor, and said that this was unacceptable. No one had called to reschedule, so they needed to be out today. By the time he got to the supervisor, the supervisor said that whoops, the 7th is no longer available. Now, it will be Friday the 16th.

Now, apparently from what I understand, we're up to THREE WEEKS without a refrigerator, which is under warranty. For an elderly man who has just had a stroke.

My dad asked for the supervisor's supervisor. He was given a name, but was told that the supervisor does not have a phone number, or email address. He is apparently accessible by snail mail only (riiiiggghhht).

This is absolutely unbelieveable. And completely unacceptable.

NOTHING makes me more mad that crappy customer service. And this is beyond is deplorable.


  1. That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Seriously. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  2. We had to have a tech come out for our 1 year old stove. The service on the phone was horrible. I'm convinced they were trained to give me the run around just to tick me off.

  3. That happened to my friend Paula (From C to C on my bloglist) with Sears and her lawnmower...FRUSTRATING!!!

  4. I have heard so many of these situations with Sears recently. My friend has this network of Complaints that she uses that she claims actually gets you some response. Did he try going into the store and talking to the manager and making the manager make the call? Dang now I am all worked up. Something like this happened to me with ATT and a rebate and they told me the supervisors don't have time to talk to me.

  5. I hate when stuff like that happens! I hope that your dad is able to get a better resolution to this..good luck!!

  6. I ended up asking for the number of the CEO. The head of customer service said they didn't have the nimber. While I was on the phone, I googled Sears Ceo Phone Number and got the number (847-286-2500). I then asked the supervisor if she would like the number to her boss... she said no. I said Yeah, you probably had it all along... I called the number and while I was not able to actually talk to the CEO, I did manage to talk with his support staff and a repair man from their "Blue Ribbon Team" is supposed to be out today (Friday) between 10 & 2. Kris (888-266-4043 Ext 64) the guy I talked to, said he would be calling me later today to verify my problem was taken care of. We will see....

  7. Sadly, this is no surprise to me. My grandmother--in 80's--bought a new washing machine from Sears. When in broke--under warranty--she called a repair man out to fix the machine. I don't remember all the details, since I was only 5 or 6 at the time, but their service was horrible enough that my entire family has boycotted Sears since the early 90's. So sad that 20 years later, nothing has changed.

  8. Wow, that's awful... My dad ends up doing all the repairs himself because he can't stand dealing with all the techs and horrible customer service!

  9. We've had the same customer service with our dishwasher! None of the technicians or csrs care that we're on our 5th service call & when I finally reached a supervisor, I was told I needed to call Frigidaire. But he didn't have the phone number, did I have it somewhere? No, jerk, I bought it from YOU! It's absolutely ridiculous that things go on like this. I have heard though of people who make their complaints known & Sears eventually does something about it.

  10. I am angered at this situation! Can you report this to the health department? I know that seems weird, but in a similar circumstance, we did so in my town, and it worked. The corporate company got on their act right away!

  11. I won't even go into my problem with Sears.. although I did spen 3 hrs on the phone,...contradicting emails saying one thing doing another...

    Long story short, customer service .. wht is that??? I wont shop here anymore... you don't need them..



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