Friday, July 16, 2010

In the Photo Friday- Week 4

Holy cow--I totally forgot it was Friday this morning! Luckily, I happen to have a picture to post--I took Lizzy and two of her cousins to a children's craft fair this past week, and ran into ex-co-worker (and friend!) Emily. Her husband snapped this picture while we were chatting.

I am too lazy to make a MckLinky this morning, so if you're also participating, just leave a comment to let everyone know!


  1. Here's my ITPF -

  2. She is soo cute, I was looking at some of the other pictures you've posted and she's adorable!

  3. Cute! Lizzy is just chilling. :) I forgot it was Friday too and sadly I don't have a picture. I'm gonna try to take one today!

  4. Mere I really think you look great. Motherhood looks good on you. <3

  5. Late entry but here is my ITPF:

    I love how Lizzie is just hanging out in your photo!

  6. I'm late too (but it's technically still Friday for 25 more minutes!)... and I'm also lazy.
    Here's this week "entry" (I use that term loosely!):

  7. Better late than never, right:

    PS - I love the candid photo. You look happy.


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