Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sunrise Photo Shoot

Yesterday morning, Lizzy and I got up ridiculously early (i.e. 3:30am) to drive to meet up with my baby brother to take his senior pictures at sunrise waaaayyyy up the mountain. Although the sunrise wasn't particularly colorful, the light was totally yummy. I don't roll out of bed at the crack of dawn for just anybody, but I'm glad that I did for Kev. I really like how these turned out, and I hope he does too!









  1. Those are GREAT! I'd love to see the photo stats! Did you have to use a fill flash with the sunrise in the background??

    Looks like your bro had a great idea...worth getting up so early for!!

  2. Just realized I could click on the pic and see the stats in flickr...I love that about flickr. :-)

  3. Great photos, Meredith! I love them, and your little brother is adorable. Senior year of high school, what a fun time!

  4. Very cool! Senior pictures have come a long way since I was a senior. What a lucky guy to have an awesome sis like you.

  5. GREAT shots- beautiful backgrounds!

  6. i wish you were around to take my senior portraits (then maybe i wouldn't have ended up sitting in a directors chair, halfway turned to look at the camera... ugh..) you've got a great skill there girl!

  7. I really like the one with the green sweatshirt--that you didn't post on Facebook! Definitely one of my favorites! Did Lizard come along? What a trooper!

  8. Mer these are so awesome! Your brother better like them!

    The light was totally worth it too!

    I love the one with his arms spread wide!


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